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trickyrickystern trickyrickystern
10/28/2017 3:45 PM

So I was rewatching the Monster Cup and it was pretty exciting for the first moto but then got kinda boring for the next two motos. Still enjoyed it but the joker Lane was kind of just a joke in my opinion. Made me start thinking about other options. What I came up with might be ridiculous but the race in general is suppose to be out of the ordinary, right?
Make monster cup a buddy race.. before you laugh think about it.
Teams could enter as many teams of two that they’re capable of forming and privateers are allowed to submit “privateer teams”. I guess the factory guys could team up with other factories but that’d be kinda silly for their cause.
First moto: 25 Laps(not sure on laps just put a number, more the better since they get short breaks). Riders switch every 5 laps.
Second moto 20 Laps? (Again, not sure on right amount) but switch every few laps same as first.
The team that wins the actual team gets the $1mil.
3rd moto consists of the top 20 riders lap times from the first and second moto for a shootout and winner gets 100k?
Just an idea but I think it’d be cool. Always remember growing up the local tracks would have intermission buddy races and they were always so mixed up cause the riders/teams kind of average out and it’s more of a team tactic not just the fastest one guy.

This also depends on teams being able to get two riders to go but might make it more laid back and more riders willing to do it since its for their team and they would most likely get some type of incentive/bonus. Have the race the first weekend of December when teams are more prepared for SX and does not conflict with MXON.

IMO riders should be choosing to race for their country over a one off event.. but that’s a topic for another thread.

250 teams could form if they wanted
Wait for it...
Malcom/James (lol)

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stewie94 stewie94
10/28/2017 4:09 PM

so basically like the smx cup then

go dungey & roczen

so jerking off will help arm pump issues........ sweet lol

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trickyrickystern trickyrickystern
10/28/2017 4:33 PM

No.. unless i missed something about the SMX cup or did a poor job of explaining my idea i do not think it would be like the SMX cup. To my knowledge, a buddy race is when the riders take turns actually racing the track. So only one rider from each team would theoretically be on the track at a time..
Note: Riders would ride their own machine if that was not clear.

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stewie94 stewie94
10/28/2017 5:02 PM

ahhhh ok seems like a cool idea , be interesting how it all plays out

go dungey & roczen

so jerking off will help arm pump issues........ sweet lol

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