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abomination abomination
10/5/2017 12:02 AM

Excuse the noob question—is it possible to buy OEM Yamaha graphics? If so, where? I'm specifically interested in just these little bits on the side number plates of a 2017 YZ250F…
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captain.olives captain.olives
10/5/2017 12:13 AM

They are on the microfiche... so I would say they must be available. $6 at Rockymountainatv.......

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abomination abomination
10/5/2017 12:23 AM
captain.olives wrote:

They are on the ...more

Not sure I follow…link?

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10/5/2017 12:34 AM
abomination wrote:

Excuse the noob question ...more

Just go HERE

It's item number 8.

"Sorry Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower."

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abomination abomination
10/5/2017 1:02 AM

Thanks so much—never would've found it there (expected only 'hard' parts there), and additionally I needed some bolts that're in that list as well. Stoked.

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