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8/18/2015 11:16 AM

Great guy who isn't afraid to speak his thoughts on the amateur/professional scene, parents, and more...


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Uncle Tony
8/18/2015 11:28 AM

Looks pretty good

If you like uncle tony's meatballs, you'll love his sausage

Now that's Italian

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8/18/2015 11:45 AM

looks like that will be well worth a watch,

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8/18/2015 11:49 AM

Whoa! Pretty dang cool right there!

And there goes Jeffro. One of God's own prototypes. A super high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

Pimpin' Ho's , Rollin' fatty's......drinkin' beers , beers , beers!! ~ Ja

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8/18/2015 12:23 PM

Man I am becoming more and more of a fan of Collier.

A must watch for me.

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8/18/2015 1:33 PM

Thanks, guys. I appreciate the kind words!

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8/18/2015 1:48 PM
IceMan446 wrote:

Man I am becoming more and ...more


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8/18/2015 1:57 PM

Stoked to see this one! I've been a big fan of Sean, excited to hear what he has to say!

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8/18/2015 2:07 PM

Sean is well spoken. This should be good

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8/18/2015 2:39 PM

Dude! that was intense, cant wait for the full episode, keep pumping em out bro!

"Feed The Bull"
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8/18/2015 2:44 PM
ocscottie wrote:

Dude! that was intense, ...more

Thanks, Scottie! Again, what I've been saying since our last episode came out, whether or not people agree with what is being said, it is just damn refreshing to hear riders come out of their shell and open up on their thoughts and experiences. Good or bad, just really pleased that we've been able to capture these guys giving our cameras very honest answers.

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8/18/2015 3:49 PM

This series is genius. Sean collier is the people's champ. Very very relevant, and even more necessary.

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8/18/2015 4:05 PM

looks good , need to check out vids.

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8/18/2015 4:29 PM

I like that someone has the balls to show the other side of MX. Its not all trophy's and factory rides. Thanks

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8/18/2015 4:59 PM

Sean is a hero. Thanks for sharing, gotta show this to my dad.

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8/18/2015 5:04 PM

Doesn't get any more real than this. Too many riders afraid to speak the truth, these videos are far over do.
Thanks for all your hard work Elmo...

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8/18/2015 5:14 PM

Wow pretty intense.

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8/18/2015 5:17 PM

sean giving me the goosebumps...he lives real life, day in and day out. true hero of the sport.

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8/18/2015 6:18 PM

Honda of Houston kid.

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8/18/2015 6:51 PM

Again, thank you all for the kind words. Seriously do appreciate it!

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8/18/2015 7:01 PM

Just bought the whole series. Can't wait to watch Collier's, but they've all been really, really good

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8/18/2015 7:15 PM

Probe that TPO correctly. Good for Sean.

"dis sho am good"

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8/18/2015 10:13 PM

Nice work Kyle.

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8/19/2015 1:05 AM
cz2crf2wc wrote:

I like that someone has ...more


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8/19/2015 1:31 AM

Amazing stories, amazing camera work, great job!

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8/19/2015 1:46 AM

Real cool. I just bookmarked this thread so I can come back after work today and purchase the series.

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8/19/2015 5:35 AM
elmo wrote:

Again, thank you all for ...more

Thanks for posting, you'll get some money when it drops, sick trailer!

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8/19/2015 5:46 AM

Sept 1st.

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Jack mehoff
8/19/2015 6:15 AM

What happened to the josh grant one ?

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8/19/2015 7:27 AM
Jack mehoff wrote:

What happened to the josh ...more

It'll be released this November. Trailer will be out next month!

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