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cgwilliams0521 cgwilliams0521
1/22/2018 9:23 PM

Hey y'all! I'm looking at purchasing tickets to Supercross in May at Sam Boyd. I'm curious if the front row seats are better, or are the club seats better? Also, how about the VIP experiences?

Trying to put together an awesome surprise for the hubby wink

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109 109
1/22/2018 9:36 PM
cgwilliams0521 wrote:

Hey y'all! I'm looking at ...more

It’s a pretty small stadium so there isn’t any nosebleed seats.
Also the field is recessed so lower level is an unobstructed view unlike Anaheim where you can only see one corner.
If you want to do something special - vip is $300 a ticket, you’re indoors and have food/drink. It’s available on unlv website

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fullysicmate fullysicmate
1/22/2018 10:27 PM

I have been 3 times, The first time I went we sat opposite the main stand where we had sun in our eyes in the afternoon. The next time I went I sat in the 3rd row in front of the main stand, we had dust blowing our way sitting there so we moved over to the opposite side in some spare seats after the sun went down.....I would suggest sitting anywhere higher up than the 13th row, just keep in mind that opposite the main stand you will be guaranteed to get sun in your eyes in the afternoon. Sitting up the front seems like a good idea but you cant see much.

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