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C50_img_1875_1489969752 yamahaha131 Quote
9/30/2017 11:12 AM

I'm looking to buy a matte black helmet and wanted to see some cool graphic wraps. I think it's a cool way to customize without the expense of a paint job. Post a pic of your lid!

C50_arlanda_283_1426354092 Lynch Quote
9/30/2017 12:37 PM

Sorry for the large photos but this is one of mine. Anyone know where the top of the design came from?

Edit: none of the photos worked, see next post.

C50_arlanda_283_1426354092 Lynch Quote
9/30/2017 12:39 PM

C50_gp10 Pat327 Quote
9/30/2017 1:09 PM

La Tarta Del Mugello?

C50_image_1453845915 Socia Quote
9/30/2017 1:45 PM

180Decals has some sweet Helmet Kits!
C50_18290113_1019998028136411_1270589478_o_1493931076 Motofinne Quote
9/30/2017 1:59 PM

Custom made from Germany. Bell Flex. The orange graphics are under it.

C50 Joe512 Quote
9/30/2017 9:52 PM

C50_14711560_10154695530612915_2220074223474287013_o_1489564178 TomC31 Quote
9/30/2017 11:55 PM

Here is one of the helmets I did for Ryan Marmont, Von Zipper want a new one each round and I did them actual wraps rather than the graphics kit style wrap!

C50_img_0499_1503109151 Naanak Quote
10/1/2017 5:09 AM
TomC31 wrote:

Here is one of the helmets ...more

I've seen a couple that are done this way and they look much better then the normal graphic ones.

C50_img_7598_1441996049 TheLsho Quote
10/1/2017 6:11 AM

Didn't they outlaw helmet wraps in Australia? Something about the stickers compromising the safety of the helmet? I would guess if that's the case, they would be worried about it hanging up on the ground instead of gliding..?

C50_1272332_10151581858152126_1694095837_o_1495577179 ARnvrbinfast937 Quote
10/1/2017 6:21 AM

This is not a wrap but I still think that it's so awesome that I can't help but show it off a little. @yamahaha131 , if your looking to get a helmet wrap done then check out my buddies over at Aggressive Graphix. If you reach out to Ben at Aggressive and tell him that Alexander Ratner sent you to him, then he MIGHT be able to help you out a little or something. I can't say what he would do, or if it's for sure, but Ben is a great guy who makes amazing products and he used to be one of my privateer team's title sponsors. I have worked with a lot of graphics companies over the years but Ben at Aggressive Graphixs is by far my go to and the only one I would recommend to anyone

C50_1272332_10151581858152126_1694095837_o_1495577179 ARnvrbinfast937 Quote
10/1/2017 6:27 AM

Side note he has not done any of my helmets but here is a photo of one of the bikes he did for me this year

C50 crt32 Quote
10/1/2017 6:46 AM

Check out Magik

C50_img_3638_1475604579 TheOriginalPancakee Quote
10/1/2017 7:28 AM
ARnvrbinfast937 wrote:

Side note he has not done ...more

thats so sick

C50_img_1875_1489969752 yamahaha131 Quote
10/1/2017 8:45 AM

They all look bitchin...

C50_image_1499928528 Lastander Quote
10/1/2017 9:19 AM

C50_14711560_10154695530612915_2220074223474287013_o_1489564178 TomC31 Quote
10/1/2017 2:34 PM
TomC31 wrote:

Here is one of the helmets ...more

Naanak wrote:

I've seen a couple that ...more

Thankyou ! Yes a lot of work but it is worth it!

C50_14711560_10154695530612915_2220074223474287013_o_1489564178 TomC31 Quote
10/1/2017 2:36 PM
TheLsho wrote:

Didn't they outlaw helmet ...more

They have basically stopped them at most races now, it depends on the rulings and officials. They say it's because they think someone's helmet could be damaged or they have crashed and wrecked it, then put the stickers over it to hide it!

C50_20180125_090933_1516901646 smashingpumpkins167 Quote
10/1/2017 3:37 PM

I had one a while ago.

Instagram: vanillaice782
professional vitard, amateur helmet painter

C50_ktm1_1508917266 DTR830 Quote
10/1/2017 4:26 PM
ARnvrbinfast937 wrote:

Side note he has not done ...more

fowlers steed

C50_epson009_1404105895 swatdoc Quote
10/5/2017 10:36 PM

My retro wrap. Done for me by the guy that does my car wrap stuff

C50_cycra_knip_1474231020 wideopen198 Quote
10/6/2017 1:47 AM
TomC31 wrote:

Here is one of the helmets ...more

How much does something like that cost? Just curious. I mean an actual wrap.

C50_images_1483501291 Moto_Geek Quote
10/6/2017 1:55 AM

I think I'm doing it wrong, you wanted see see how I wrapped my helmet right?

C50_18290113_1019998028136411_1270589478_o_1493931076 Motofinne Quote
10/6/2017 1:57 AM
Moto_Geek wrote:

I think I'm doing it ...more

That is some cool innovation! Your own version of the 6D and Leatt safety features!

C50_img_6535_1508439534 Porch32 Quote
10/6/2017 7:42 AM
Socia wrote:

180Decals has some sweet ...more

How big of a pain was the application process with 180? Were the decals super thick and hard to work around the shell or was it not too bad?

IG: @_porch32
2014 Kawasaki KX450

C50_image_1453845915 Socia Quote
10/6/2017 8:22 AM

Can’t speak from experience but they’re definitely among the ones that have been doing helmet wraps/kits the longest, everything I’ve ever ordered from them has been top notch

C50_20160803_161433_1490834306 XanderReedDad Quote
10/6/2017 9:10 AM

MagikSC does incredible work

C50_100238980_1294767206 peelout Quote
10/6/2017 9:14 AM


C50_14711560_10154695530612915_2220074223474287013_o_1489564178 TomC31 Quote
10/7/2017 4:33 AM
wideopen198 wrote:

How much does something ...more

Email me at enquiries@kickstartindustries.com.au and i can let you know all the information on pricing for something like that!

C50_img_8138_1507937792 731chopper Quote
10/7/2017 6:11 AM

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