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C50_jeffro_rm2_1468475135 jeffro503 Quote
8/19/2014 9:31 PM

A couple weeks ago I got slammed on by the elite few luvva's on here for me saying I thought James was being a puss. Wasn't saying he was one.....only thought that he was acting like one. I apologize for saying it the way i did and it was no real disrespect from me....I was just frustrated seeing the guy sit at home. I want to see James out there racing , not sitting at home.....but if something is bugging him then I understand.

This is coming from a personal aspect in my life , where my buddies ask me to go riding , I say no....they call me a puss. When one of my buddies says " I'm not riding this weekend , I have to work in the garden "....I call him a puss. We all know we are going to get shit from our buddies....and that's why I love em!

I didn't want to see the James go out like this. I saw this as a last ditch opportunity for him to get out there and show everyone why we all want him out there.

If he doesn't get to race this weekend......then what? If he's banned from SX for 2 - 4yrs then what? Will he still be eligible to race the nationals next summer? I'm just trying to wrap my head around this stupid anti doping thing that is making one of our legendary riders step away from the sport.

" I think ".....most of us on here were pushing for the drug testing......and maybe not fully understanding what the outcome would really be? Like we all wanted to know if someone was breaking the rules.......but we don't want to lose any riders to it? I was in that boat. I wanted the drug testing.......but didn't want any of our riders to lose their career over it.

There has to be a better solution than this. There has to be!

And there goes Jeffro. One of God's own prototypes. A super high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

Pimpin' Ho's , Rollin' fatty's......drinkin' beers , beers , beers!! ~ Ja

C50_r4s_logo_1387290512 me_da_racer Quote
8/19/2014 9:40 PM

Someone said he did an interview the other day. Anyone have the link?

C50_fb_picture_100000499748629 enketchum Quote
8/19/2014 9:42 PM

"What happens to your hands when you crash?"
"I put my hands up real quick to protect my sunglasses"

C50_bubba_scrub_suzuki_1483760705 Mickolobe7 Quote
8/19/2014 9:49 PM

I understand exactly where you are coming from! I want to see him out racing every weekend for the next 3 years or more. The anti doping is good but its not like he was taking HGH or anything to do with performance enhancing drugs. Give him a fine and call it a day. If he is getting it from a dr and has a legit script then so be it. His fault for not looking into the anti doping rule book and letting them know. But don't end his career over it.

The sport would loss huge from it if thats how it goes down. I think he is mentally screwed up from it and if he doesn't get cleared from this whole thing I don't think we would see him ride the outdoors if he could because he feels he let to many people down specially his fans.

I hope to hear good news soon here and watch him race the last race and get cleared and see him at A1!

"If you're not 1st your Last"

C50_bubba_scrub_suzuki_1483760705 Mickolobe7 Quote
8/19/2014 9:50 PM
C50_cr500004 scooter5002 Quote
8/19/2014 9:57 PM

The one thing I don't understand is that everyone knew the testing thing was coming. Why didn't James' people have their ducks in a row, and have that damned TUE in place like it should have been? It would be sad to see him leave the sport under this black cloud, he's given the fans of moto a lot of excitement over the years. Hell, I wasn't a fan for a long time, but he does deserve a more gracious exit than this, if it is indeed the end.

C50_136313130_1287336398 nytsmaC Quote
8/19/2014 10:09 PM

Well said Jeffro, he broke the rules but I don't think there was any cheating going on. Hopefully he gets a fine and is not suspended.

How's the liver and that sweet new RM250, did you ride it yet?

C50_img_0006_1495485208 gsxrcr28 Quote
8/19/2014 10:18 PM

On the PulpMX show Matthes said he thinks James won't miss any races, but who knows. I think James attorneys have told him not to talk about it until everything is settled in hearings etc..

I wonder if every rider that has ADHD has gotten a TUE, or just hasn't been tested yet.

The bright side is we have plenty of fast riders to watch when him or any other rider is out.

C50_0t89hgd8vrw69qa5vrqi6ujrh_1477334466 TripleFive Quote
8/19/2014 10:51 PM
scooter5002 wrote:

The one thing I don't ...more

"Why didn't James' people have their ducks in a row, and have that damned TUE in place like it should have been?"


James' team was either incompetent or they were trying to game the system. My guess is the former which begs the question: what else are these people screwing up for him?

If after being appraised many times of the testing policies and after being urged to check the Banned Substances List Team JSE neglected to file a TUE for a powerful amphetamine which was clearly banned then there are likely other affairs that are being neglected by James' handlers.

It seems to me like James has been hiring his friends rather than professionals.
C50_s780_03_011_1400602115 IceMan446 Quote
8/19/2014 11:01 PM

First time offenders in other sports get a 4 game suspension.

WADA nor USADA determine the suspension. Not sure why the 2-4 years thing comes up.

They are there to aid the sanctioning body and the final say comes from the sanctioning body.

He broke the rules, there should be some sort of punishment.

I just dont think a year long ban is justifiable.

C50_120386120_1232596374 The Rock Quote
8/19/2014 11:05 PM
scooter5002 wrote:

The one thing I don't ...more

Everyone one knew testing was coming. Say what? Testing in SX was business as usual but 2014 is first year for Nationals.

"My philosophy is to have a really good time and never to let anything stop me from doing what I want to do.

Michel Petrucciani

C50 Moto75 Quote
8/19/2014 11:46 PM

I wouldn't overthink it, it's a crap shoot of how it will flush out. If I had to put money on it, I'd say that Green Talks. James fills the seats - plain & simple. If Wada finds James guilty, I suspect the AMA & Feld will look to give WADA the boot in support of James. After all James helps line their pockets. I don't mean that in any sort of derogatory way towards Stewart - huge fan of his racing.

C50_bike_1408517488 Rumple4skin Quote
8/20/2014 12:38 AM

I'm sure he will be lining up at A1. I don't think anyone wants to ban him from racing for any amount of time. Nobody wins in that scenario. But I do think he is nearing the end regardless. He still tries to race like he is 18, when he had unearthly reaction time and skills, but he's crashed so many times, in such spectacular fashion, he doesn't have that reaction time anymore. Now he is a fast racer, but not a champion. Rarely a winner. Often a crasher. I've always been a huge fan of his and I hate to see the way his career is winding down.

C50_avatar2_1416928736 jasonv43 Quote
8/20/2014 12:40 AM

How's My Posting?

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C50_red_dragon_national_emblem_wales_1442821698 Spydee Quote
8/20/2014 12:45 AM
Rumple4skin wrote:

I'm sure he will be lining ...more

Rarely a winner?... You know he switched to Suzuki, right?

C50_bike_1408517488 Rumple4skin Quote
8/20/2014 12:56 AM

@Spydee: How many times has he won over the last two or three seasons, compared to his Kawasaki days? That's what I'm saying. Every time he is on a track you know he is just about to crash. Now when he wins it's a huge deal. Even he is surprised by it. Do I know he switched to Suzuki? I am assuming that's your brilliant way of being sarcastic. YOU know he used to win lots of races and championships, right?

C50_7406655_r1_047_22_1400334957 WhiteKnuckleV2.1 Quote
8/20/2014 1:28 AM
scooter5002 wrote:

The one thing I don't ...more

TripleFive wrote: "Why didn't James' people ...more

He probably didn't think he needed a TUE. He'd been tested before and no problem. I'm in a DOT covered industry and I get tested, and I occasionally have to take pain meds and muscle relaxers (for a neck disc issue) that show up as opiates, and I don't pre-inform the testing people because I never come up positive. I can see James Stewart being in the same situation. He took a legally prescribed drug that had never shown up as positive in a test and probably didn't think much about it. And it could be the end of his career. This is the dark side of drug testing - it's not simply a cae of "if you're positive, you're a cheater and a danger to the sport".

As for he OP, I agree completely. James Stewart, just like everyone else, will retire one day - but I don't want to see him retire like this. He's one of the greats and I want to see him retire on his own terms.

C50_108678600_1270131806 Fraser Quote
8/20/2014 1:39 AM
IceMan446 wrote:

First time offenders in ...more

As I saw it the FIM determine the punishment. WADA may step in to appeal that if they feel it was unduly lenient as they want to maintain some parity across other sports. Also he's only allowed to ride now because of the loophole that he's only 'provisionally suspended'. If that becomes a full ban he won't be allowed to ride outdoors either for the period of the ban.

Here's a previous case to consider- Anthony West from 2012. THe FIM gave him a month ban for a stimulant. WADA appealed to the CAS asking for it to be 2 years. The ban was increased to 18 months. Not saying anything about this case is the same, but it shows how the system works


C50_red_dragon_national_emblem_wales_1442821698 Spydee Quote
8/20/2014 1:49 AM
Rumple4skin wrote:

@Spydee: How many times ...more

You can't compare his stats from a decade ago to his performances to date. The man himself, the tracks, the bikes, the competitors are completely different in the modern era compared to back then.

C50_0e269153_21f4_47c9_9aab_3ccb6017cd47_zpsi7ctqhyi_1441218708 Thelen20 Quote
8/20/2014 2:02 AM
me_da_racer wrote:

Someone said he did an ...more

go buy the september issue of transworld to read the interview

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C50_dscf2386_sized agn5009 Quote
8/20/2014 5:08 AM
scooter5002 wrote:

The one thing I don't ...more

TripleFive wrote: "Why didn't James' people ...more

Your last sentence is the exact truth. Friends over professionals.

C50_2011_apr_098 mac3-d Quote
8/20/2014 6:08 AM

He may already know his punishment & if it is say (150 days ) which is 5 months could he back date it meaning he'll be ready for A1 ?

C50_road_1422312296 TommyLee93 Quote
8/20/2014 6:24 AM
Moto75 wrote:

I wouldn't overthink it, ...more

Pretty sure the attendance will be fine without JS7.

C50_8f327a4a_1_1490304278 davistld01 Quote
8/20/2014 6:31 AM
scooter5002 wrote:

The one thing I don't ...more

TripleFive wrote: "Why didn't James' people ...more
agn5009 wrote:

Your last sentence is the ...more

Most of Team James Stewart, Team JSE or whatever has always been made up of friends & not hired professionals. That's probably why nobody has had to stand for this except James. It's why he got emotional in that TWMX interview when he said he hoped it didn't negatively effect anyone around him, IMO. Heck, it could have been his Mom, his fiancé, or Big James for all we know. But James has to fall on the sword because he doesn't want to give anybody up. The buck stops with him, right or wrong. You have to appreciate the mans loyalty.

Jeffro...for one of the first times ever, I totally & completely agree with your opening post. Why not just fine the crap out if him, and let's get on with business. To bring down such a tremendous asset to our sport this way is just not fair & not the honorable thing to do. For him to have this petty crap tarnish his legacy is ridiculous. I have been & am a huge fan of James, and I hope we see him at A1 having shaken this off and ready to ride like Bubba.

C50 fidiot Quote
8/20/2014 7:41 AM

I'd really hate to see his career end like this. It is just such a negative situation. I truly hope he comes back and wins at least one more title in SX or MX before retiring. That would allow him to retire on a positive note, which I think is very important.

C50_20090526060853100053swag_image_1_1_1458608004 h&m_cycle Quote
8/20/2014 7:44 AM

thought he was racin' in Utah.

Who Ever Dies With The Most Toys Wins...
No Point Waiting Till Then... Newman Wins

C50 WRH Quote
8/20/2014 7:55 AM

I'm ready for some more Stewart action, he may not be what he was in his youth, but I watch him to do the amazing things he does when he's riding. And eventually he will retire..If any of ya'll are old enough to have watched Bob Hannah ride before his broken leg in a water skiing accident, then you understand, the guy was phenomenal. It's fantastic entertainment.

Just Old.

C50_100_2211 Ing Quote
8/20/2014 8:02 AM

Do we even know it was adderal he was prescribed or caught with? All I ever heard was stimulant, lots of different stimulants. Ask Chael Sonnen how that leniency thing is going. What's with all the secrecy? We don't know if he's suspended, hurt, sick, upset or some other mysterious illness. Is he still taking the stimulant? Was the TUE ever applied for? What was the TUE suppose to be covering, dates etc. Lots of questions, few answers.

The older I get, the faster I was. Posting without a cast on is fun!

C50_craig_1503165176 DownSouth Quote
8/20/2014 8:05 AM

Stewart is not serving a secret suspension right now.

The team is waiting for him to say he is ready to race. Weigandt said he talked to team Suzuki truck driver Shane Nalley at the Indiana race and Nalley said the rig has been parked in Indiana at his home and has been there since before Unadilla. The team was ready to go to Unadilla or Indiana if the rider would race. Nalley said he will be driving west this week but did not know if he would be going to Utah or straight back to the race shop in Cali.

C50_8ebf39490bfeff26bc0c91d5f35a594e_1414431135 2WheelsForTheMasses Quote
8/20/2014 8:16 AM

People we know nothing at this time!! Be patient and let this scenario play out...

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