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1/2/2020 5:28 AM

Leading up to A1 got me wondering what the status of JG33 is? Obviously the last few years have been random fill-in rides here and there (mind you, good factory rides though)...but is he officially "retired" now? Just curious.

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Rickyisms Rickyisms
1/2/2020 6:25 AM

I think he is kind of over professional racing, He has a wife and kid(s?) and a clothing brand to work on. Always liked the guy but I don't think he will be racing again. Nothing wrong with that.

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davis224 davis224
1/2/2020 6:27 AM

I asked about him as a possible Musquin replacement, and somebody linked to his Instagram account that suggested he's going off road truck racing instead.

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Carstensen14 Carstensen14
1/2/2020 7:07 AM

Living that Havasu life with Millsaps.

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jenssog jenssog
1/2/2020 7:12 AM

He did two races on the factory Yamama in March/April of 2019 and the results were not that great (20, 21, 9, 8)

Looks retired to me.

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bh84 bh84
1/2/2020 7:19 AM


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1/2/2020 8:26 AM
davis224 wrote:

I asked about him as a ...more

That was me. Not sure if he's done racing SX/MX, but it looks like he might have moved on.

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CivBars CivBars
1/2/2020 8:45 AM
davis224 wrote:

I asked about him as a ...more

-MAVERICK- wrote:

That was me. Not sure if ...more


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GuyB GuyB
1/2/2020 1:03 PM

I think he has enough budding business interests to keep himself busy. smile

Truck racing could be interesting.

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MelonFan123 MelonFan123
1/2/2020 1:30 PM
GuyB wrote:

I think he has enough ...more

Some might say his best success in racing came on RED but in retirement he prefers GREEN grin
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GuyB GuyB
1/2/2020 1:56 PM

He's definitely going truck racing. That'll be interesting to see.

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DavetheVintageGuy DavetheVintageGuy
1/2/2020 6:16 PM

His ride at home is much superior to anything he might get lined up as a fill in.wink

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1/2/2020 6:24 PM
jenssog wrote:

He did two races on the ...more

a 9 and an 8 is pretty respectable IMO

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1/2/2020 7:07 PM
jenssog wrote:

He did two races on the ...more

SBO wrote:

a 9 and an 8 is pretty ...more


He was running well, Had a few crashes that hurt his finishes but was good to see him out there.

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