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C50_gd2_logo_1496892656 GD2 Quote
7/28/2017 10:56 AM

A little bit of a different look. What do you think?

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C50_2014_04_11_22.55.15_1413514143 Johnny Depp Quote
7/28/2017 11:00 AM

2019 preview?

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C50_jeffro_rm2_1468475135 jeffro503 Quote
7/28/2017 11:02 AM

Whoa that is different. I like it though.

And there goes Jeffro. One of God's own prototypes. A super high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

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C50_image_1445431990 Flip109 Quote
7/28/2017 11:04 AM

I'd hit it

C50_71052851_dsc_9097_1495556804 c0ncEpT Quote
7/28/2017 11:06 AM

Orange fork guards and that things perfect.

C50_wheelsmith_jersey_1490126323 bigmaico Quote
7/28/2017 11:13 AM

I like it, it's sexy as shit!

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C50_ktm250sx_1424447792 Roostermx58 Quote
7/28/2017 11:16 AM

Reminds me a little of the Cycra bike in motocross action magazine.

C50_img_2764_1506876328 steed 2.0 Quote
7/28/2017 11:23 AM

I’m not into it... sorry

C50_dsc_9251_1405797045 shuggs Quote
7/28/2017 11:23 AM

add blue stripes on seat

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C50_ignition_system_points_1468974232 Dirty Points Quote
7/28/2017 11:36 AM

Aesthetically, it's not my absolute favorite, but the way it ties together the visually varied branding of all the sponsors into one packaging scheme is pretty impressive.

C50_100458070_1293060886 Sheriff245 Quote
7/28/2017 11:36 AM

Needs blue rims. Flame on.

C50_achmed5_1475765136 etccb Quote
7/28/2017 11:42 AM

I like it but that color scheme doesn't scream KTM. Looks more like a yamaha. A factory team can twist this stuff around but to the wandering eye the brand should not come into question.

C50_tag_1500658339 sgrimmxdad Quote
7/28/2017 11:43 AM

My son has already picked those graphics if he doesn't like the new FE graphics! I like this too!

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C50_115999170_1229546211 Wandell Quote
7/28/2017 11:47 AM

I like it!!

C50_jimmy_2_1393957256 JRT812 Quote
7/28/2017 11:56 AM

I would prefer the seat being a different color other than black, but overall I like the creativity

C50_20140708_232431_1441151404 MattyVicious Quote
7/28/2017 11:56 AM

I love it.

C50_cr801_1486495425 ThatOneKid Quote
7/28/2017 12:22 PM

I think it looks awesome.

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C50_jessy1_1471467436 CarlinoJoeVideo Quote
7/28/2017 12:28 PM

Anyone having luck finding the plastics for sale or graphics?

C50_89154940_1278798186 MelonFan123 Quote
7/28/2017 12:32 PM

Looks damn good! But is it just me or does TLD keep recycling that McQueen retro color over and over? Been doing it on gear and helmets for years now.

I guess if it ain't broke..

C50_ttt_1502268566 VxeR Quote
7/28/2017 12:32 PM

Best looking bike I have ever seen damn

C50_img_5136_1467213560 JMX82 Quote
7/28/2017 12:32 PM
C50_image_1460421699 Electro21 Quote
7/28/2017 12:38 PM

Looks awesome I think.

C50_gd2_logo_1496892656 GD2 Quote
7/28/2017 12:53 PM
CarlinoJoeVideo wrote:

Anyone having luck finding ...more

The plastics will be a limited edition release from Acerbis. Not sure if it's for sale yet.The graphics should be released by N-Style soon.

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C50_jessy1_1471467436 CarlinoJoeVideo Quote
7/28/2017 12:58 PM
CarlinoJoeVideo wrote:

Anyone having luck finding ...more

GD2 wrote:

The plastics will be a ...more

RM/ATV has the plastics Acerbis Part # 242 106 1415.

N Style has the graphics.

There was only 30 sets of plastics made, but I guess I larger order is coming in August.

C50_yamatacoblue_1426773073 Bultaco Quote
7/28/2017 1:02 PM

I'd be proud to ride that bike. Looks awesome. I like how the seat is black but has the 3 Stripes as a nod to Adidas.

C50_a15f6938_1440716571 Pakoyz250f Quote
7/28/2017 1:12 PM

Cooper webb aproves haha and so do I

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C50 Barry_Smith Quote
7/28/2017 1:23 PM
CarlinoJoeVideo wrote:

RM/ATV has the plastics ...more

Do you have actual links, pretty please? I tried searching and using the part numbers but came up empty handed.

Much ty

C50_100238980_1294767206 peelout Quote
7/28/2017 1:24 PM


C50_ignition_system_points_1468974232 Dirty Points Quote
7/28/2017 1:32 PM
MelonFan123 wrote:

Looks damn good! But is it ...more

Because they have a licensing agreement?

C50_17022018_7_1518984608 EnvyMedia Quote
7/28/2017 1:43 PM

That is honestly one of the best looking kits I've ever seen. I know what's gonna inspire my next graphics kit for my bike.

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