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Badd127 Badd127
2/2/2020 10:35 PM
Anyone got anymore info on what went down? Or a link to what happened. It must of been serious to get a 18 month ban.
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Dirty Points Dirty Points
2/2/2020 10:39 PM
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Cokeham23 Cokeham23
2/2/2020 10:42 PM

Here’s video of what happened. Not sure if the link will work, never tried sharing off Facebook before lol

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Chance1216 Chance1216
2/2/2020 11:10 PM

Greedy has had that coming for quite some time.

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Badd127 Badd127
2/2/2020 11:20 PM
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Natester551v Natester551v
2/3/2020 6:06 AM
Chance1216 wrote:

Greedy has had that coming ...more

This is an understatement. He's made a career of basically chopping guy's front ends off as standard procedure in passing. The promoters have allowed it (and probably encouraged it). From what I gather, most riders can't stand the dude...he's super dangerous.

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Freddyfred Freddyfred
2/3/2020 6:13 AM

I met Mr Greedy at Florida Tracks and Trails a bit over a year ago and he was a nice enough fella in the pits. Upon watching videos of his racing, I don't think I'd race him though lol

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jeffro503 jeffro503
2/3/2020 6:30 AM
Chance1216 wrote:

Greedy has had that coming ...more

Natester551v wrote:

This is an understatement. ...more

I don't know anything about Featherstone , but that Greedy guy has had that coming for a long time. That guy is the ultimate prick on the track.

And there goes Jeffro. One of God's own prototypes. A super high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

Pimpin' Ho's , Rollin' fatty's......drinkin' beers , beers , beers!! ~ Ja

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a22 a22
2/3/2020 7:12 AM

Didn't Featherstone do some SX rounds in AMA a year or two back? He didn't look too bad seem to remember and crept into a few finals I think.

Surprised how big that Arenacross crowd looked, thought people would not be so interested.
Not sure what went on- was it some sort of payback between the two?

Always was an excellent rider ...... at crashing usually

Moto Aspes, you know you want one

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Sidecar Sidecar
2/3/2020 7:32 AM

I was there both nights and saw both crashes up close, the Friday night was a 1st corner crash that was the result of them leaning on each other right out of the gate and into turn 1, it was a head to head race and just the two of them but it was a racing incident... Saturday night was altogether different and Featherstone had a bike length, poss 2 on Greedy, again head to head for 1.5 laps so just the two of them on track... as soon as I saw Featherstone go wide I thought... shit dude that’s Greedy behind you... and sure enough kapow he torpedoes him... then they are on their feet punches etc... the promoters have encouraged it a little, they show a clip show of take outs before the head to head races start and bigged them up as the toughest two riders etc...

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chad_111 chad_111
2/3/2020 8:15 AM
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