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Premixed112 Premixed112
1/19/2020 10:43 PM

I've always been probably a bit too empathetic for my own good, but I honestly kinda felt bad for Dylan when he was getting booed last night. I was in the stadium and my first reaction was to laugh like "holy shit, this place is going nuts on him right now". But then when he came on the screen again and the boos came back, I got a bad feeling.

I agree that it was a dumb move, but on a human level, I imagined how it must feel getting booed by 30-40,000 people in a stadium and the residual hate he (and probably his girlfriend too, unfortunately) are going to have to deal with going forward in person, in autograph lines, on social media etc.

At the end of the day, this is just dirtbike racing. But unfortunately sometimes people take things way too far, and I wouldn't be surprised if the guy is getting death threats.

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RudyRayMo RudyRayMo
1/19/2020 10:51 PM

RC had it worse

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mxmasta mxmasta
1/19/2020 11:02 PM

True. Bad decision and an unnecessary move from Ferrandis.

But if it was an US rider taking out a frenchman, the whining and cryout wouldn't be half as bad.

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ProbablyDave ProbablyDave
1/19/2020 11:03 PM

His Instagram is ridiculous right now. The comments on his pictures are insane. I can't believe people can get this insane about sport.

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yz133rider yz133rider
1/19/2020 11:07 PM

Dude i agree and i really hope he sees this post. He raced his heart out and charged. It was a bad decision but i dont think he meant for it to be dirty. Just was racing. He rides with more heart than 9/10 out there for sure.

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aeffertz aeffertz
1/19/2020 11:07 PM
ProbablyDave wrote:

His Instagram is ...more

Yeah, hopefully he doesn't read them. I scrolled through the night of the race and saw multiple death threats and wishes. People are legit insane.

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crusty_xx crusty_xx
1/19/2020 11:11 PM

People are idiots...
Craig punted the shit out of AMart in PRACTICE some years ago and no one booed him for that

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FlaNard FlaNard
1/19/2020 11:30 PM

Considering how fast he's been but how bad his starts have been so far nobody can convince me that Dylan meant to hit Craig the way he did. It's a short series and the defending champ isn't going to put himself on the ground trying to pass overly aggressively unless it's a miscalculation. Those happen in racing. Sucks for Craig who did nothing wrong but it looked to me to be a miscalculation with no malice behind it. I get being pissed off but when I see people saying shit like "Go home" I'm embarrassed. It will work out however it works out but fans need to remember that at the end of the day it's just a sport.

Are you smart enough to buy a bike that costs less, weighs less, makes more horsepower per cubic centimeter, can be rebuilt for recycled aluminum can money and is giggle inducing? It is hard to believe that the American riding public flunks this test en masse. How stupid are you?

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ledger ledger
1/19/2020 11:51 PM

He's gonna be in the spotlight no doubt, just gotta play it cool for awhile, but he'll be okay in time, just like Musquin had to regain respect after his ordeal with Tomac. What really bites, is that his girlfriend/wife ?? ( I'm not sure which) will probably get some backlash also. He definitely has a lot of weight on his shoulders, and I wish him the best of luck.

There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear.

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jemcee jemcee
1/19/2020 11:55 PM

I'm not sure it's as unpopular as you think haha

I mean there's a few pyschos taking the frustrations of their sad world out on him but I can't see anyone reasonable holding any ill will

why am I reading this? ..... Oh christ, now I'm posting...... shiiiiiiiit!!

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blockhead17 blockhead17
1/19/2020 11:57 PM

I really don’t agree with the booing, and I personally believe it was an unintentional takeout.

Was his move stupid? Yes
Does he deserve to have people booing him while he is trying to do his podium speech? No

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Motofinne Motofinne
1/20/2020 12:24 AM

The best thing ever would be Ferrandis winning most of the remaining races and giving the finger to the lowlifes as a celebration when he crosses the finish line jump.

I can't remember a more disgusting reaction from so many people in years, Marvin got a lot of shit from the Tomac incident (which was worse than the Craig/Ferrandis incident) but not like this. The worst are the psychos that search up his girlfriends account on different social media outlets and harass her too.

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chump6784 chump6784
1/20/2020 12:42 AM

I think if Ferrandis got and the podium and the first thing that came out of his mouth was an apology to CC for coming in too hot, going for a pass that wasn't on and hoping he isn't hurt he may not have received the booing that he got.
I think the other half is that so many people wanted Jett to get the win and when Ferrandis took it from him he killed it for everyone.
I wasn't too upset with hours pass on Craig, dumb move but in the heat of the moment sometimes shit happens. I wasn't impressed with some of the moves he put on Jett though. I thought for sure he was going to take him out

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ledger ledger
1/20/2020 1:07 AM
Motofinne wrote:

The best thing ever would ...more

Pointer finger or the bird ?

There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear.

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1/20/2020 1:53 AM

The reaction has been an embarrassment really. He made a mistake going for the win, it’s a split second decision that he got wrong and mistimed and misjudged. To be booed and have that kind of reaction on social media is completely uncalled for

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motonation24 motonation24
1/20/2020 3:24 AM

Live by the sword...

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jamma10 jamma10
1/20/2020 3:33 AM
RG1 wrote:

The reaction has been an ...more


It's ridiculous how bent out of shape and abusive some people get over every single incident these days. Especially when it was clearly unintentional.

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Average Joe Average Joe
1/20/2020 4:00 AM
yz133rider wrote:

Dude i agree and i really ...more

Totally agree, and as I said in another thread, he does not have a history of doing this so it's hard for me to believe that he randomly decided to take out Craig in the middle of this particular race for no reason. I think he made a bad decision, probably expected Craig to back off, or something. Regardless, the reaction on social media is embarrassing. Some true weirdo's out there.

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davis224 davis224
1/20/2020 4:10 AM

Unfortunately the crazy ones are the loudest.

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downard254 downard254
1/20/2020 4:14 AM

Lot of children in the world. Then give said children copious amounts of alcohol and this is the end result. Yes it was a bad move, but it’s racing, it’s happened before, and it will happen again.

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bh84 bh84
1/20/2020 4:15 AM

When he hit Craig it was kind of a “wtf are you doing” moment. He needed to settle down, finish the race and own it after.

When he really lost me was at 1:24 on this video when he tagged Jett Lawrence’s wheel coming off that lip. That wasn’t accidental and it was MUCH more dangerous than taking out CC on a flat corner. That was a chickenshit move and that’s what made me believe the boo’s were warranted.

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rangot rangot
1/20/2020 4:20 AM

Yep, you americans should be ashamed of your compatriots. OK, the pass was not pretty, but it's just racing. The "go back to France" thing is so dumb and xenophobic. Ridiculous.

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1/20/2020 4:24 AM
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zippytech zippytech
1/20/2020 4:37 AM
mxmasta wrote:

True. Bad decision and an ...more

Most likely would not be any.

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1/20/2020 4:40 AM
bh84 wrote:

When he hit Craig it was ...more

You can’t leave that much room on the inside on the last lap of the race and expect the guy behind you not to try and make the pass. I think we all wanted Jett to win, but Ferrandis did very little wrong there, most other guys out there would’ve made the same move. It’s another move that’s been blown out of proportion.

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Zaugg Zaugg
1/20/2020 4:40 AM

He made a mistake, I'm pretty sure he knows it now, and I look forward to seeing a less frantic reaction from him when he's working his way thru the pack. Hopefully we see him making smart passes in the future.

Unfortunately this wave of negativity will continue because of social media and venues like this forum. Let's see how he rides this weekend considering the week he's about to have.

Props to the OP for showing some empathy and offsetting some of the hate.

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rsd47 rsd47
1/20/2020 5:09 AM

It was one of the most exciting, crazy main events ever. You might not like how that pass ended, or how Jett's night ended, but we'll all be talking about this race in 10, 20, 30 years, or showing it to our kids.

Half of the people losing their minds are the same ones who go on the "back in my day..." rants about how "men were men" back in the day or spend time reminiscing about some of the hardest, dirtiest passes we've ever seen.

The rest of the season is going to be incredible. I hope Craig gets some revenge, I hope Jett comes back and gets a win, I hope DF1 keeps getting crap starts and ripping through the pack (hopefully without hurting anyone else) and I hope at the end of it all, the best rider wins and everyone can be happy for whoever it is.

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Cortami79 Cortami79
1/20/2020 5:09 AM

I get that people will hate on him. But I've watched his girlfriends instagram and even there it's full of really downgrading comments, personally about her. There they cross a line. They're humans too. Even though it was a shit move in my opinion, I hope he will learn from it. He showed heart and that's what champions do. Lawrence was way too kind too, in the corner before he crashed.

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Fraser Fraser
1/20/2020 5:29 AM

For some people its any excuse to close the borders and hate on the foreigners. I've seen Americans on facebook calling on him to be deported. Shameful and pathetic behaviour.

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Jeremy Macbeth Jeremy Macbeth
1/20/2020 5:43 AM

This was in Anaheim. The mean IQ of the audience was probably hovering around 90. Just barely above retard level.

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