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C50_vitalavatar_1499819419 aeffertz Quote
4/18/2017 3:27 PM

#twinningtuesday #trackchanges #redbudmx #promotocross

A post shared by RedBud MX (@redbudmx) on

C50_img_0621_1485457441 logan_140 Quote
4/18/2017 3:28 PM

I heard they're removing the leap..

C50_img_0621_1485457441 logan_140 Quote
4/18/2017 3:29 PM

Not really

C50_110811guyb_redbud_1449985751 GuyB Quote
4/18/2017 3:30 PM

I don't know...but I like it.

C50_avatar2_1416928736 jasonv43 Quote
4/18/2017 3:38 PM

Synchronized leaping???

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C50_img_3300_1517772835 MX Guy Quote
4/18/2017 4:07 PM
jasonv43 wrote:

Synchronized leaping???

Woah... that'd be pretty crazy

C50_20121124_132133_1460419518 twizzler Quote
4/18/2017 4:07 PM

I must be old and crabby, but does every national track have to have the same damn jumps? Seems most every track now has an uphill triple that looks the same or damn near the same as the other tracks. Or is this a uphill triple followed by the same downhill triple...

C50 jj welks Quote
4/18/2017 4:08 PM

Gnarly lookin.., that buggy in the bottom left looks pretty small compared to that jump face

C50_img00030_1 MX Culture Quote
4/18/2017 4:10 PM

The one on the left comes at you (downhill)
The one on the right goes away from you, Larocco's Leap. (uphill)

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C50_87_rm_80 ga_pike Quote
4/18/2017 4:12 PM

First High Point, now Red Bud. Next Southwick will replace the sand with clay... where will the madness end?!? Thankfully, Unadilla will always be a natural terrain, unprepped, grass based track.

C50_cr3a6017_600x400_1489959416 jorgechavez Quote
4/18/2017 4:13 PM
MX Culture wrote:

The one on the left comes ...more

The left one doesn't look like much of a landing haha

C50_img_8138_1507937792 731chopper Quote
4/18/2017 4:13 PM
twizzler wrote:

I must be old and crabby, ...more

I agree with you. What happened to natural terrain?

Get off my lawn!

C50_vitalavatar_1499819419 aeffertz Quote
4/18/2017 4:18 PM
ga_pike wrote:

First High Point, now Red ...more

Red Bud has had Larocco's Leap for ages man.

I like MX Culture's idea, the new one is made to hit from the other direction and is a step down. That would actually be pretty awesome if so! A huge, blind step down would be so gnarly to hit the first time. The "landing" does seem pretty steep though, who knows!

C50 Dirtydeeds Quote
4/18/2017 5:32 PM
MX Culture wrote:

The one on the left comes ...more

jorgechavez wrote:

The left one doesn't look ...more

Sure looks like a take off to me...

C50_engine.f_1455853935 BobPA Quote
4/18/2017 5:39 PM

That is definitely a takeoff and not a landing....

Jason Anderson FTW

C50_1598688_1456600521 JW381 Quote
4/18/2017 5:45 PM

Meh. Not at all sure how that's supposed to work. But I agree, starting to see the same uphill triple on every track. I like the big downhill jump at Ironamn.

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C50_chicken0001_1400193184 Ramrod Quote
4/18/2017 6:09 PM

Are they changing and running the track in the opposite direction?

C50_cr250_1495282318 MR. X Quote
4/18/2017 6:13 PM

Are they having a freestyle event ?

C50_17796235_10102024645915556_4753952402108888194_n_1492578700 F150Motocrosser Quote
4/18/2017 6:27 PM
jasonv43 wrote:

Synchronized leaping???

This sounds so beautiful and amazing..

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C50_img_0352_1498936267 TMessi111 Quote
4/18/2017 6:33 PM

Could they be moving the jump and just left the original jump there until they complete the new one? Then use the old dirt in a new way in the same location?

C50_s1600_img_7742_1488551403 JW269 Quote
4/18/2017 6:47 PM

I believe the one on the left will stay and the original will be taken down for a new larger grand stand

C50_img_8138_1507937792 731chopper Quote
4/18/2017 6:49 PM
JW269 wrote:

I believe the one on the ...more

This sounds right judging by the photo. Is the long table top still there or was this built on that?

C50_s1600_img_7742_1488551403 JW269 Quote
4/18/2017 6:55 PM
731chopper wrote:

This sounds right judging ...more

the table headed downhill was still there at the open ride a few weeks back. What everything looks like now? Your guess is as good as mine

C50 kxf250f176 Quote
4/18/2017 7:00 PM

Track is same as always except instead of left after the leap to the finish, you take a 180 left and traverse on left side of leap in the lane where you can see that fresh dirt to downhill, then another 180 back to hit the leap twin. You can see on the far left that the whoops and table after the whoops are still there. I don't think you guys have a clue how much real estate is in that corner or that area. They've used that portion after the leap many times for the pro races in the past. Who knows. I'm riding there Sunday so I'll let you know.

C50_87_rm_80 ga_pike Quote
4/18/2017 7:12 PM
ga_pike wrote:

First High Point, now Red ...more

aeffertz wrote:

Red Bud has had Larocco's ...more

Did you feel the breeze as that went over your head?

C50_16266131_670605239779281_6398444349352296285_n_1485502440 BGT21 Quote
4/18/2017 7:14 PM
kxf250f176 wrote:

Track is same as always ...more

This for sure makes most sense. Take the leap up the right hand side, jump back down through the middle, then jump back up on the left hand side...

C50_l_6eb2411ef6f5431c944e1e4c18815838 bama205 Quote
4/18/2017 7:15 PM
kxf250f176 wrote:

Track is same as always ...more

Exactly. Track did this in 2007 too I think ?

C50_s1600_tumblr_muriyfrnsx1r46py4o1_1280_1381979943_1413511971 Crush Quote
4/18/2017 7:18 PM
MX Culture wrote:

The one on the left comes ...more

If that was the case, that's a hugely unforgiving landing, especially for a blind jump.

They both look like take off lips to me.

Cheers, Crush

C50_17796235_10102024645915556_4753952402108888194_n_1492578700 F150Motocrosser Quote
4/18/2017 7:28 PM
kxf250f176 wrote:

Track is same as always ...more

So you're saying... two leaps on the same lap? (please say yes)

Positively, absolutely 110% obsessed with anything MOTO.

C50_0t89hgd8vrw69qa5vrqi6ujrh_1477334466 TripleFive Quote
4/18/2017 7:29 PM


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