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Tytus914 Tytus914
6/29/2020 8:32 AM

Outdoor Champion

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ElliotB16 ElliotB16
6/29/2020 8:59 AM

It’s hard to pick against the 3x champ

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KX500 KX500
6/29/2020 1:22 PM

After getting used to races every Sunday & Wednesday, can hardly wait for the MX season to start. Should be an interesting season!

Who Can beat ET?
Will MM need a few races to get back to form? He was off the bike a long time.
How much Will KR's health/stamina hold him back?
How much has CW improved? His 1st win was the highlight last year, but regularly getting beaten by 3-5 riders in the rest of the races happened also. No doubt he wasn't satisfied with that.
Can ZO get that 1st win in 450 MX as well? Hope so. He had 5-6 podiums last year.

2016 YZ250X

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MZ193 MZ193
6/29/2020 1:52 PM
KX500 wrote:

After getting used to ...more

Didnt zacko win @southwick last year...?

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mister2dt mister2dt
6/29/2020 1:56 PM

I believe Eli will win it, but it is going to be a bloody battle to the last moto with a fresh Marvin fighting him along the way. I dont see another rider who will be a consistent threat week in week out like Marvin has been. And now he is rested and healthy. Should be some epic battles!!

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KX500 KX500
6/29/2020 1:56 PM
MZ193 wrote:

Didnt zacko win @southwick ...more

Won a Moto, 3-1 for 2nd OA.

2016 YZ250X

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Mugeneco Mugeneco
6/29/2020 2:01 PM

dont see any one of them beat Tomac , battle for second will be more exciting

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AZRider AZRider
6/29/2020 2:12 PM

I have a feeling ET will get injured. I dont want it to happen, but statistically he has gone quite a while without a race missisng injury. So, while I think he will win lots of races, I dont think he gets the title this year.

Which opens it up for a dogfight between MM25, KR94, and CW2. Zach will be on the gas and by himself alot behind those guys I think. Some races he will be ahead of them but in the end he finishes 3rd or 4th at end of season.

I hope I am wrong, I would love Zach to win it.

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OneWordResponseGuy OneWordResponseGuy
6/29/2020 2:39 PM

MM25 w00t grin silly
Just started riding 2 weeks ago.

Not much to say to Vitards.

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Mr. Info Mr. Info
6/29/2020 3:30 PM

Do you know something we all don't. Like where and when a race is held?

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Fonzarelli Fonzarelli
6/29/2020 4:02 PM
AZRider wrote:

I have a feeling ET will ...more

If you flip a coin and get 100 heads in a row, the odds of getting heads on the next flip is still 50/50

Just because Tomac has gone a lot of races without injury, doesn't mean his odds of being injured soon are higher. They are not.

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Spudinki45 Spudinki45
6/29/2020 4:03 PM

It has to be Eli, the only people that can keep up outdoors historically have been Ken and and Marv, and Osbourne on occasion.

Obviously Marv is gonna struggle early but he recovers quick, in 2018 came back from dislocated shoulder the next week after Houston, 2017 came back from meniscus tear midway through season and won 6 straight motos, and lastly in 2019 came in recovering from another knee injury. Imo he is Eli's biggest threat, would've been second three years in a row if it hadn't been for his injury at Ironman last year.

Ken is really quick early on, but it is almost inevitable now that he will fade halfway through. So he will most likely win a few races here and there but will have bad motos.

Zacho has the speed but injuries hurt him last year and after his run in SLC I'm excited to see how he does and if he can stay consistent.

Coop is unproven outdoors and only finished 6th last year, it will be interesting to see where he is at.

Anderson is a wildog has top 5 speed but yet to win a national.

Just my 2 cents for each "top dog," but I think it's gonna be 1. Eli 2. Marv 3. Zacho 4. Coop 5. Kenny 6. Anderson

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Forty Forty
6/29/2020 4:08 PM

Aren’t a couple of hot shoe 250 guys coming up? Maybe Dylan can make a run at it.

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AZRider AZRider
6/29/2020 4:09 PM
Fonzarelli wrote:

If you flip a coin and get ...more

Thats completely true, but taken as a whole getting 101 straight heads is less likely than getting 100 straight heads in a 50/50 proposition. The statistical likelihood increases the more you race.

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6/29/2020 4:11 PM
Forty wrote:

Aren’t a couple of hot ...more

Ferrandis is moving up next year. Sexton will be 450 full time starting this summer.

"Sorry Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower."

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Forty Forty
6/29/2020 4:15 PM
Forty wrote:

Aren’t a couple of hot ...more

-MAVERICK- wrote:

Ferrandis is moving up ...more

Ah ok. Thanks Mav. Sexton will be on the new 450 so it should be interesting.

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kpiper kpiper
6/29/2020 6:05 PM

I think Webb, Zach and Kenny battle for 2-4 making it tough for Eli though.

MM25 will be around 5-6 maybe worse. AC and Anderson probably beat MM.

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KennyT KennyT
6/29/2020 6:54 PM

It seems like Eli has reached the point in his career that when he is on there will be nobody else that has a chance.

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Spudnut Spudnut
6/29/2020 11:03 PM

The battle for second should be good with musquin back and if AC keeps himself from ACing

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Motofinne Motofinne
6/30/2020 12:47 AM

Tomac wins it if he stays healthy. Osborne will be his closest challenger.

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6/30/2020 2:32 AM

Heart says Kenny but I don’t see him being anywhere near consistent enough to get it done. Hard to bet against Tomac if he stays healthy and there’s no SX hangover

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Villo2fan Villo2fan
6/30/2020 4:27 AM

There won’t be a an outdoor champion. MSM will make sure COVID round 2 peaks in August/September.

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crusty_xx crusty_xx
6/30/2020 6:41 AM

Why is everybody counting out AC? I don't think anybody will really challenge Tomac for the title but imo AC has a good shot at second. He was pretty good last season, with pressure from Ferrandis the whole 12 rounds. Worst moto was a 5th if I remember correctly.

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