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ddog558 ddog558
5/27/2011 5:28 PM

Maybe a single-moto race during a few National rounds.

Think about it. The biggest names from the 80's/90's.......Stanton, Ward, RJ, Bradshaw, LaRocco, Keidrowski, Cooper, O'Show (and the list goes on and on), preferably on their original (or as close as you could get) race bikes.....2 strokes of course....

I know it will never happen, but it would be great to watch.

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ATKpilot99 ATKpilot99
5/27/2011 5:41 PM

Every now and then you'll see a legends lap or something like that, but usually not competitive. The Yamaha Race of Champions used to be a pretty cool event. They raced and switched bikes for each moto.

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BobbyM BobbyM
5/27/2011 5:43 PM
ATKpilot99 wrote:

Every now and then you'll ...more

yamaha race of champions comes to mind

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WhKnuckle WhKnuckle
5/27/2011 5:49 PM

That's a great idea. I've never thought about it, but it sure has a lot of value. Down here, one of our best series' is roughly built around vets and vintage fans.

Fantastic idea. Heck, I'd love to see a series like that as a stand-alone thing along with specific two stroke or equal displacement formula classes.

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