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C50_110811guyb_redbud_1449985751 GuyB Quote
10/3/2017 1:38 PM

Millsaps To Make Team Debut At Monster Energy Cup Aboard 2018 YZ450F

Cypress, CA - October 3, 2017 – Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., today annouced its 2018 Factory Supercross/Motocross team, featuring riders Cooper Webb and new teammate Davi Millsaps. Davi will make his first public debut with the team aboard his #18 2018 YZ450F at the Monster Energy Cup on Saturday, October 14 at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, NV. Davi will go for the $1 million awarded to the racer who wins all three 10-Lap Main Events.

Keith McCarty, Motorsports Racing Division Manager for Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., said, “We’re excited to welcome Davi to our Yamaha Factory Team. He’s had a great career so far, and he’s been a terrific ambassador for our sport. Davi has been testing his 2018 YZ450F, and he is looking forward to competing aboard the brand-new bike at the upcoming Monster Energy Cup.”

The 2014 Monster Energy Cup winner, Davi was also the Monster Energy 450SX Championship runner-up in 2012 and 2013, and he has notched five career 450SX wins, and 35 450SX podiums. He was also 2006 250SX East Champion and 2016 Canadian National Motocross Champion. The Orlando, Florida, native currently resides in Lake Havasu, Arizona, with his wife Brittney and their two children.

“First of all, I’m super-excited to be racing for the Yamaha Factory team,” Davi said. “And, to be making my Yamaha debut aboard the 2018 YZ450F is going to be awesome. I’ve been doing a lot of testing on the new bike, and it's coming along great. I couldn't be happier. I’m training hard for the Monster Energy Cup, and I’ll definitely be ready on October 14th. And, how cool is it that I’ll be running my signature #18 on the ’18 Yamaha in 2018? Can’t wait!”

While Davi will race, Cooper Webb will also be in attendance at the Monster Energy Cup to cheer on Davi, help the team notch the win, and, along with Davi, sign autographs for the fans.

As was previously announced, Cooper will not compete in the event due to the surgery he had last week on his right thumb, which he injured in practice at the Monster Energy MXGP of the USA in Jacksonville, Florida, earlier this month. Cooper will be ready for the start of the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross season, which begins in early January.

For more Yamaha racing news, results, photos, and videos, visit www.YamahaMotorsports.com/Racing

C50_jeffro_rm2_1468475135 jeffro503 Quote
10/3/2017 1:41 PM

Dang! Good job Davi ! I didn't know he was getting picked up as a full factory rider again. He always looked good on those Yamaha's I thought.

And there goes Jeffro. One of God's own prototypes. A super high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

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C50_ocnewglo4_1492479679 ocscottie Quote
10/3/2017 1:44 PM

Always root for Davi, hope he stays healthy and has a good year.

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C50_19943032_10211214554617577_370801262755416218_o_1521769303 twotwosix Quote
10/3/2017 1:49 PM

Congratulations Davi!

C50_2014_04_11_22.55.15_1413514143 Johnny Depp Quote
10/3/2017 1:50 PM

Do they pick factory rider's based on the lowest number available? Davi has proven some great SX skills, I just don't think of him as the next big thing. There is something to say for age and experience though..

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C50_open_trailer_1514747873 Deal Brothers Trailers Quote
10/3/2017 2:04 PM

Love Davi. Hope he has much success.

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C50_cr3a6017_600x400_1489959416 jorgechavez Quote
10/3/2017 2:06 PM
Johnny Depp wrote:

Do they pick factory ...more

If that was the case woudn't James Stewart have a ride? Davi will get top 5's and potentially podiums.. for not being the main rider on the team I think that's pretty good.

C50_s1200_et3av_1452194616 stangkag Quote
10/3/2017 2:09 PM

Heck yea, good job landing another factory ride Davi!

It aint nothing but a little bit of this and a little bit of Braaaap!!!

C50_kpdan_1506529345 nc_mx_kid Quote
10/3/2017 2:14 PM
Johnny Depp wrote:

Do they pick factory ...more

I agree

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C50 kkawboy14 Quote
10/3/2017 2:15 PM

I bet they think he is good for Cooper Webb!

C50_18290113_1019998028136411_1270589478_o_1493931076 Motofinne Quote
10/3/2017 2:23 PM

Why? I'm happy for Davi but why did Yamaha sign him and "let" Reed go?

Is Davi that much cheaper than Reed?

Btw, i don't think that Davi will bring anything to improve Webbs results.The 18 bike and Webb himself is the only factors that can improve the mediocre results from 2017.

C50_19943032_10211214554617577_370801262755416218_o_1521769303 twotwosix Quote
10/3/2017 2:25 PM
Motofinne wrote:

Why? I'm happy for Davi ...more

Chad left Yamaha after Vegas SX and shipped all his bikes back to them before summer. lol I don't think they 'let' Reed go.

C50_s780_03_011_1400602115 IceMan446 Quote
10/3/2017 2:26 PM
Motofinne wrote:

Why? I'm happy for Davi ...more

Let Reed go???

Where did you hear that?

C50_18290113_1019998028136411_1270589478_o_1493931076 Motofinne Quote
10/3/2017 2:31 PM

Okay, sloppy writing from me.

Reed didn't like the bike. But did he have the chance of riding the 18?

I think even Reed would choose to stick with Yamaha with the updated factory bike instead of doing what he is right now(who knows what is going to happen).

C50_3rdranger2_1380131093 RangerLee Quote
10/3/2017 2:44 PM

Will Davi also race outdoors with this contract? From the title it appears so, but I do not want to get my hopes up if he is only SX.

C50_rider MT MX Quote
10/3/2017 3:00 PM

Does anyone know why he left the Butler team? Was he just not re-signed / contract expired?
I thought he gel'd with that KTM pretty good and was a good fit.

C50_18290113_1019998028136411_1270589478_o_1493931076 Motofinne Quote
10/3/2017 3:02 PM
MT MX wrote:

Does anyone know why he ...more

Maybe more money at Yamaha since he can do his own gear, helmet, boots and goggle deals?

C50_20638892_10101458714461563_6915231640403878181_n_1503456844 theycallmeebryan Quote
10/3/2017 3:16 PM

Last time Millsaps was on a Yamaha was on 2012, he had a rocky start to the SX season but had some solid finishes from Atlanta on. The 2012 bike wasn't the best from what i hear, so if the 2018 is any better he should do well.

C50_fg_604_2t_1464676833 Mr. Robinson Quote
10/3/2017 3:54 PM

I hope they have him on a performance based contract. Not sure about results after check hits the bank.

Kind'a like Barcia.

C50 Dougy1 Quote
10/3/2017 4:22 PM

Come on we just want the gossip on what really went down with Reed and Yamaha who faded who? Had they had enough of his, shall I say outspokenness

C50_gd2_logo_1496892656 GD2 Quote
10/3/2017 4:26 PM


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C50_s1600_tumblr_muriyfrnsx1r46py4o1_1280_1381979943_1413511971 Crush Quote
10/3/2017 4:38 PM
Motofinne wrote:

Okay, sloppy writing from ...more

Whether anyone agrees or not, Chad will want to be on a bike he feels he can win on, so I'd say isn't that stressed about the money, he did that deal the last two years with Yamaha, he should have taken the Honda ride. Now Shorty has moved on it might open up again.

Cheers, Crush

C50_img_0021_1491146079 Forty Quote
10/3/2017 5:09 PM

I don’t get it.

C50_img_0230_1482169070 mattyhamz2 Quote
10/3/2017 5:31 PM
jeffro503 wrote:

Dang! Good job Davi ! I ...more

I always thought the same thing. When everyone talked so much crap about them, Davi put it into 2nd place overall for the sx season.

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C50_profile_1424660203 ML512 Quote
10/3/2017 5:37 PM
Motofinne wrote:

Okay, sloppy writing from ...more

Crush wrote:

Whether anyone agrees or ...more

Andrew Short's ambassador deal wouldn't weigh too much into whether or not Chad has a ride with the race team. Andrew's deal required over 100 days of PR related work for the brand, placing him at a ton of Honda model launches across their range and many dealer events...testing with the race team, production and the off-road efforts...not a spot Chad would fill.

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C50_s1600_tumblr_muriyfrnsx1r46py4o1_1280_1381979943_1413511971 Crush Quote
10/3/2017 5:48 PM
ML512 wrote:

Andrew Short's ambassador ...more

Mmmm, i think they were holding that carrot in front of him as a post racing thing but he took the blue cheque.

Cheers, Crush

C50 Dcross829 Quote
10/3/2017 5:56 PM

Millsaps will kill it on the yamadog, just stay on two wheels and he'll have an easy top 5 in supercross

C50 David934 Quote
10/4/2017 12:47 AM

From Canada to factory team, wow

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C50 Dougy1 Quote
10/4/2017 3:43 AM
Motofinne wrote:

Okay, sloppy writing from ...more

Crush wrote:

Whether anyone agrees or ...more

I wonder if he felt the team(yamy) was generally difficult to deal with (changes on the bike etc ). I think your right though, at his age and if he's financially still good he may just want too ride the bike that fits and he's happy with, more than any pay check.. But ya gotta admit Crush he's been notoriously tricky to keep happy over the years. Motorcycle wise.

C50_image_1370704277 colonel Quote
10/4/2017 4:50 AM
Motofinne wrote:

Why? I'm happy for Davi ...more

Davi is top 5 solid and possible podium here and there. Shows up, gets a result and goes home as of late. I would suggest he is a lot cheaper than what Reed is asking and possibly low maintenance also. (to a degree)

It was mentioned before on Reed but why must Davi bring something for Cooper? Cooper should be doing his own testing, getting his own settings and putting in the work. Davi is there is to race.

With that being said I am sure Davi actually does carry a ton of knowledge when it comes to set ups, I don't ever think I've heard him blame a bike set up and he has gotten wins and podiums on basically every manufacturer around except Husky.

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