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feelnjstfine feelnjstfine
11/18/2017 8:12 PM

Who here was a lucky grom that had one of these growing up? Can remember riding my real YZinger all day, and destroying this all night, haha! Hopefully a good "Blast from the Past" for some of ya'll!


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mattyhamz2 mattyhamz2
11/18/2017 8:51 PM

Man that thing is awesome!!

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TooOldToPlay TooOldToPlay
11/19/2017 2:43 AM

I'm looking for a young moto family in central Wisconsin to give this one to. Needs two of the white end caps but is in great shape otherwise. Neither of my kids want it. "Motor" still even works!
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49weasel 49weasel
11/19/2017 4:53 AM
TooOldToPlay wrote:

I'm looking for a young ...more

I would be interested in it. I would pay the shipping of course.

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Zr0man Zr0man
11/19/2017 4:58 AM

Awesome! IIRC picked ours up at Sears 30 years ago. Plan to drop it off to Huffman Restorations next month to freshen up.
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agn5009 agn5009
11/19/2017 5:21 AM

My God I would love to have one of those.

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MudPup545 MudPup545
11/19/2017 6:20 AM

Awesome!!! Never knew these exsited till' now.

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Sidecar Sidecar
11/19/2017 6:25 AM

Never seen these before, very cool!!!

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PapaTugz0508 PapaTugz0508
1/16/2019 8:09 AM


My father bought me and my sister one from Sears and we rode it, then he repainted it and gave it to his racing buddy and both of his kids rode it, then it went to my sister's kids and the movers broke it and now my daughter is almost a year old and she is in some neeeeeeeeeeed of this Yamaha love.

Please contact me and my wife @
Or shoot a text to
16814041877 (Anna and Mackinley Mobley)

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Jerkolantern Jerkolantern
1/16/2019 8:25 AM
Zr0man wrote:

Awesome! IIRC picked ours ...more

Totally. Bitchin.

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Doddy Doddy
1/16/2019 8:27 AM

Oh man! I looked for one of these for at least a year for my daughter. Much easier to get a real PW haha.

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Tarz483 Tarz483
1/16/2019 8:58 AM

Thats super cool i have never seen one

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Harry Backmon Harry Backmon
1/16/2019 9:49 AM

My oldest son had one in the 1980s. I'm pretty sure we sold it at a garage sale after he out grew it.

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YZed250 YZed250
1/16/2019 9:56 AM

Thought this thread was go0ing to be about Taka Higahino.
Flexible flyer, huh? Those are cool too.

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sumdood sumdood
1/16/2019 10:07 AM

Saw the title and thought Yamaha was going to re introduce one of these Flexible Flyers

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pkiczuk pkiczuk
1/16/2019 12:42 PM

This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! They don't make toys like this anymore, never mind the dirt bike aspect, just the sketchy spring toys haha! I used to have a rocking horse like this when I was a little guy, I cant even imagine how it would've been to have one of these.

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