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jonboy688 jonboy688
12/15/2017 7:42 AM

ok I love my tech 7's and I know there is no boot that would of prevented the injury that I got, but my question is..... which boot is going to offer the best protection while also at the same time not bother the hardware as much at the same time

tech 10's have a bootie that I would think might bother the ankle area?
sg12 has the memory foam style around the ankle
crossfire not sure about
fox instinct not sure about

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PlainEnvelopes PlainEnvelopes
12/15/2017 7:48 AM

It all depends on your personal injury really. I have found for my bad ankle that the Sidi crossfires work the best. The new crossfire threes have a set screw in the pivot point so that you cant hyperextend. I really like the feel of the sidi pivot point. (Really no break in time needed)

I would say just go to your local shop and try everything on. Walk around in them, spend a solid hour or so figuring out what boot fits you the best.

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jonboy688 jonboy688
12/15/2017 8:03 AM
PlainEnvelopes wrote:

It all depends on your ...more

Would love to have that option but no local shop that I know of carries the high end stuff. Mostly tech 7’s and 10’s and fox instinct

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yz133rider yz133rider
12/15/2017 8:42 AM

Sidis are crap. They can bend side to side below the pivot with minimal force.

Nothing like breaking and badly dislocating your ankle because $600 boots have a massive flaw nobody seems to mention.

Tech 10s by far the most stable and protective in my experience and testing.

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Wade221 Wade221
12/15/2017 9:22 AM

I had tib fib plates both sides, and had to give up tech 10s because of the support piece on the inner bootie. It hurt against the hardware. Went to instincts, and zero comfort issues

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jonboy688 jonboy688
12/15/2017 9:24 AM
Wade221 wrote:

I had tib fib plates both ...more

thanks I kinda of figured the tech 10 bootie would cause comfort issues

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Squirrelings Squirrelings
12/15/2017 9:27 AM

I have a plate and six screws on the outside of my left ankle and tech 10s don't bother it at all. That said, I caught my toes on a bank and snapped my fib without crashing wearing those same tech 10s.

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AbouttheRide AbouttheRide
12/15/2017 11:12 AM
jonboy688 wrote:

ok I love my tech 7's and ...more

I'm in the same situation and my SG12 don't bother any hardware in my lower leg. Very good choice in my opinion.


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The Candyman The Candyman
12/15/2017 12:34 PM

I have two plates and 8 screws and I HATED SG12s, they really rubbed my leg badly. I literally could not wear them and had to sell them after 2 rides. The Tech 10s didn't bother me but I've switch to Tech 7 boots and love them.

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12/15/2017 3:56 PM

I had a plate and 9 screws on the inside of my tibia and the sidi crossfire did not irritate me . Most shoes or hockey skates tied tight did irritate me.

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Joko Joko
12/15/2017 5:16 PM
yz133rider wrote:

Sidis are crap. They can ...more

I agree, I had Sidi’s and the side to side bending flex you mention is a real problem no one talks about!

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BobbyM BobbyM
12/15/2017 7:50 PM

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Panic_Rev Panic_Rev
12/15/2017 7:56 PM

I had tib and fib plates really low. They bothered me so much I had them removed two years later. I now wear the fly sector and have been very pleased. Wish the toe box wasn’t as tall, but that’s my only complaint.

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Lightning78 Lightning78
12/15/2017 8:05 PM

Geez what is it with you guys and plates? Lol

I had a nasty compound tub fracture with a shattered fib, didn't know the extent till I got to the hospital and they showed it to me (not Moto related injury) it was about 1/3 of the way up from my ankle and in my delirious state I stonefaced told the Dr surgeon dude "Hey if I have a choice here, please put a rod in my leg to fix it I don't want a plate Bec I don't want my boots rubbing on it" lol

And when I woke up loandbehold there was a rod jammed through my rib ... Needed a bone stimulator but it healed flawlessly and I have zero side effects

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captmoto captmoto
12/15/2017 10:37 PM

Do you wear knee braces? There was a lot of discussion about knee braces moving the stress to the tib/fib and femur. Boots offers some protection but I don't see one boot being better than another in a high impact crash.
Remember, somethings gotta give.

The older I get, the faster I was.

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