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Mx746 Mx746
7/23/2017 4:30 PM

95 cr125. looking for some "minimalist-ish" frame protection, not much product out there for the old bike. Any good diy ideas? I like the simple mx style flat plastic skid plates more than the bulky off road wrap around types. I thought about a few layers of helicopter tape on the frame rails. (Not sure how well it would stay in place.)

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smashingpumpkins167 smashingpumpkins167
7/23/2017 5:09 PM

I don't remember what I searched for to find it. But I found some white griptape on eBay for my white frame.

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Jay Cee Jay Cee
7/23/2017 5:14 PM

I run your everyday skateboard grip tape from right above the peg up to the first weld on my frame (16 kxf 250).

No, it's definitely not the most durable.. But I got the Mrs a pair of scissors along with a stencil and boom I've got heaps of spares!! (recommended technique)

I run a flat grey colour, gives it a nice clean look and protects the frame from boot rub.. There's more colours than you could ask for, so you'll find something to suit!

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Mx746 Mx746
7/23/2017 6:42 PM

I changed the title to skid plate. My main goal is to protect lower frame rails from rocks etc. sorry for misleading "frame" title last time around

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mx510 mx510
7/23/2017 6:54 PM

If you can find a 55 gallon plastic barrel, messier the width and length that you want the skid plate and cut it out of the plastic barrel. Drill holes in it, attach with big zip ties.

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Mx746 Mx746
7/23/2017 7:13 PM
mx510 wrote:

If you can find a 55 ...more

Interesting idea I'll keep eye out.

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early early
7/23/2017 8:01 PM

Ive cut a skidplate out of 1/8" lexan which is pretty strong. You can get a small sheet at home depot. Make sure its polycarbonate not acryllic. You can cut it with metal snips and bend any angles you need. Zip tied to frame rails with the biggest ones I could find which were about 1/4" wide.

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mtl mtl
7/23/2017 8:47 PM

Works Connection.

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7/23/2017 9:01 PM

Road signs

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montesagold montesagold
7/23/2017 9:44 PM

Research Kydex, molded pistol holsters are made from it, start with a thick piece and mold it

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wsc96 wsc96
7/24/2017 12:07 AM

Sounds like you're looking for a skid plate and not a bash plate.

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Mx746 Mx746
7/24/2017 4:13 AM
wsc96 wrote:

Sounds like you're looking ...more

Yeah, something just wide enough to cover frame tubes to prevent damage from rocks but not so wide that it sticks out past the frame.

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Mx746 Mx746
7/24/2017 4:19 AM

Some good ideas here I'll see what I can find. I found an old huge bmx number plate in the garage and the plastic is nice flexible, a tad too thin probably for real protection, it's a vintage plate though and probably a crime to chop it up

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