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stillwelding stillwelding
6/19/2020 1:25 PM

Ross Maeda
June 18, 2016


J-LAW: The first time I heard of Jason Lawrence, he was a young hot prospect out of the amateur ranks. The rumor around the local tracks was that he would ride around running people off the track and stuffing people for fun. Now, my thinking was that motocross is dangerous enough without someone making problems for you! Jason was on the market for satellite 250 teams and being represented by a guy named Scott Sepakovic. I knew Scott casually from the old days, but now he considered himself a SUPER AGENT and would always be wearing nice clothes instead of the normal MX casual wear like everyone else. One day I was riding at Elsinore, and it had rained heavily the week before. The conditions were pretty good but there were huge puddles all around the track and in the pit area. I had parked my boxvan next to a fence, and as I was unloading, 3 expensive pickups and a BMW pulled up next to me and parked. Sean Hamblin got out of one of the trucks with a skinny kid with long hair in his face. "HI ROSS! THIS IS MY BUDDY JASON LAWRENCE". He shook my hand with a skinny arm and didn't say anything. He looked like a junior high school skateboard kid. I remember thinking, if this punk knocks me down when I'm minding my own business and hurts me, I'll sock him in his jaw! But he seemed nice enough and wasn't obnoxious. Scott Sepakovic jumped out of the BMW and trotted over to me, overdressed as usual with his cell phone on his ear. "HEY ROSS! DID YOU MEET JASON? BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. he's gonna ride my RM250 today and it's set up for my fat ass, so can you adjust it so he can ride it?" I started to explain that it couldn't be done because his springs were too stiff, but Jason interrupted and said he could just ride it. So we all go riding, and I came in and sat on the back of my boxvan. Jason came flying into the pits and threw the RM on a stand, then sat down next to me. "Don't say anything!" he said to me and left his helmet on. Immediately a big fat vet rider came riding up completely covered in mud. "WHO WAS JUST RIDING THIS SUZUKI!?!" He yelled.....we all sat there like idiots.."I SAID, WHO THE FUCK WAS JUST RIDING THIS BIKE!!!??"..everyone just kind of looked at each other and shrugged. He spit and spun his bike around and rode away in disgust. I looked at Jason and he was giggling like a little girl. "What the hell did you do?" I asked him. "nothing", he laughed. Apparently he had been flying around the track wheeling thru the big puddles showering hapless riders. This big guy had cut the track and was chasing Jason with fire coming out of his eyes! Jason had soaked him and he was pissed! This was exactly the kind of BS that I'd heard about him, but it seemed pretty funny now that I was seeing it with my own eyes. "You're a DICK" I said to him, and it made him laugh more. A short time later, while we were relaxing and Scott was pacing around talking on his cell phone. Suddenly I hear: WUB-BUB-BUB-BUB-BUB! This ridiculously raised 4 wheel drive FORD truck is backing up toward us with a BROWN Yamaha in the back. The truck backs into a big, deep puddle next to us, then the driver floors it, shooting mud, rocks and water in a huge wave at Scott's RM, knocking it off the stand! He drives away with his arm stuck out of the window giving us the finger. We all started laughing then I looked up and saw Sepakovic standing by his car with his arms out. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!?!?!" he yelled.

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WheelieNelson WheelieNelson
6/19/2020 1:56 PM

Dude is a legend.

Hung out with him at washougal his rookie year through mutual friends. He “Borrowed” / ripped me off 10 bucks at the snack shack for licorice and Pepsi, acted arrogant all day. Thought he was a bit of a dickhead at the time but looking back now on his career I’m a huge fan. He truly did whatever the hell he felt like and had the speed to back it up.

Also the money he donated to magoo’s handicap van, raised money for josh lichtles family and other causes we probably don’t even know about are more than enough to have my respect. He’s a good dude at heart I think

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dimetime dimetime
6/19/2020 2:10 PM

Yeah because stealing and acting like an entitled prick is soooo cool and ok because he's fast.

I swear to fucking god, some moto people will just say anything to seem cool.

Pick a lane guys, you all want situational morality and that ain't how it works. Even if you're "fast"

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yz25 yz25
6/19/2020 2:27 PM

Similar story about a different hotshot amateur.

I just got into riding and was following motoplayground close. Appears everyone else did as well. This particular rider was all over the magazine’s and when he showed up to a night practice, was like Justin B was in town. The family had the set up, he had the bikes, speed etc. but he didn’t have the rabbit skills running from prey that JLaw appears had. For some crazy reason, he started running guys high on berms off the track out of nowhere. Clearly was faster than everyone. The dad looked younger than the rider and his mouth was faster than the kid on the bike. The crowds slowly started having a different opinion on the next big thing. The guy he chose to run off a track and nearly into a pond was your typical beginner but not at landing haymakers we would quickly find out! After the beginner got back to the truck, he calmly walked over to the hotshot, hotshot thinking just another guy wanting to talk to a future star. Mind you, he has ran so many guys off the track probably forgot about his latest victim. few words were exchange... the first punch the beginner landed between the eyes could not have been more perfect. The white and green Thor gear quickly turned red. The mom was crying and the dad was overheard yelling you are going to kill him. Meaning his son taking a enormous beating.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
And I thought growing up at a ball park was bad.

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WheelieNelson WheelieNelson
6/19/2020 2:32 PM
dimetime wrote:

Yeah because stealing and ...more

I don’t have to approve of every decision he’s ever made to still be a fan of the guy.

What’s your problem bro

Sorry for telling a story about my one altercation with the guy wtf

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Spudnut Spudnut
6/19/2020 2:38 PM

It’s pretty obvious home boy had some major personality problems that he let screw him out of keeping a job as a dirtbike rider . It’s a shame cuz I loved watching that little asshole ride

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MasonMan MasonMan
6/19/2020 2:43 PM

Someone please come on here and tell the story on what happened at RedBud,

I was a third-string dreamer on a second-place team~ Luke Combs

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1911 1911
6/19/2020 3:00 PM

The date on this article is 2016, is this in reference to something recently?

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gt80rider gt80rider
6/19/2020 3:23 PM

The real J-Law was so F'nnnn EPIC. Seriously, that was Funny, if you don't see it that way, you are too old, or wayyyy too serious.
Die Antwoord

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Rob YZF250 Rob YZF250
6/19/2020 4:17 PM

More J-Law stories please laughing

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Monte122 Monte122
6/19/2020 4:30 PM
WheelieNelson wrote:

Dude is a legend.

Hung ...more

He's a legend in his own mind and yours... far from being a legend.

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motokiwi motokiwi
6/19/2020 5:18 PM

Didnt DC recently buy him some Yamahas to do LL - and he didnt show up the the regional?

Would love to see what kind of fuckups his parents were - and feel sorry for his poor grandad having to raise him.

You can only get away with that kind of behavior in places with a large population (USA) - if he was in New Zealand he would have literally been beaten into line as an amateur.

"I dont want to milk anything out - i'll just keep pushing"

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Johnny Ringo Johnny Ringo
6/19/2020 5:24 PM

Legend. Anyone who disagrees is a cuck.

That being said, I’d probably want to kick his ass too at the local track back in the day haha

Alright Lunger, Let's Do It

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ATKpilot99 ATKpilot99
6/19/2020 5:29 PM
Johnny Ringo wrote:

Legend. Anyone who ...more

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TeamGreen TeamGreen
6/19/2020 6:08 PM

Having Jason around made things fun. He was a complete shit-stirring little joker.

And it was HILARIOUS.

Him and Josh, together?
That was Over-The-Top Insane.

Good Times

Crazy Fast Racing

I ripped a start from Egypt and I was happy about that.

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zehn zehn
6/19/2020 6:44 PM
Johnny Ringo wrote:

Legend. Anyone who ...more

No amount of your hero-worship will ever make him a legend

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Forty Forty
6/19/2020 6:54 PM

The fact that we're still jawing about him is the definition of legend.

I am a big fan, his natural talent is very rare and I always enjoyed watching him ride.

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Chris_Buehler Chris_Buehler
6/19/2020 6:59 PM

I mean there are all types of legends. He was a legendary fuck up so sure he was a legend.

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Brad460 Brad460
6/19/2020 7:15 PM
Johnny Ringo wrote:

Legend. Anyone who ...more

Maybe you and Jason can have a sleep over...

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Mr. Afterbar Mr. Afterbar
6/19/2020 7:20 PM

Can’t you guys go spread your hate on Facebook?

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6/19/2020 8:48 PM
1911 wrote:

The date on this article ...more

It's a post from Ross Maeda's Facebook.

On that note- EVERYONE should be following Ross on Facebook. He is always posting hilarious and entertaining stories. They are always the best. I really hope he puts them together in a book someday. Seriously great stuff.

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langhammx langhammx
6/19/2020 9:17 PM

Troublemaker tongue

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CG118 CG118
6/19/2020 9:19 PM

The stories are Motoplayground did an article on him and I thought he was rather comedic. One of my buddies thought JLaw was a little shit. If JLaw had sprayed his truck with mud and gravel, the legend likely would have stopped then. Gotta be real careful who you fuck with.
I still think the stories are entertaining, and I LOVED to watch the dude ride. Man, he had awesome style.

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rileymx rileymx
6/19/2020 10:15 PM

if you spend time at your local tracks, you will find that in every crowd there is a joker. some are just fouls with money, others are just stupid kids trying to show off themselves.... and then there are the really good ones think they can do anything and because they are so really good, people tent to ease them off for their talent
then you notice that never none of those really gifted kids get to be a big champion, they think to much of themselves to even fight to win one, much else be a carrear champion........even being talented enough fot it !!!!!!!
i belive inteligence is the real gift !!!!!!

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jemcee jemcee
6/19/2020 11:18 PM
CG118 wrote:

The stories are ...more

Apparently JLaw got his arse kicked more than once but it never made any difference haha

why am I reading this? ..... Oh christ, now I'm posting...... shiiiiiiiit!!

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6/19/2020 11:59 PM
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Dust601 Dust601
6/20/2020 12:49 AM

Honestly I feel bad for him more then anything. Lots of us had that teenage rebellion stage just like him. Problem is most of us grew out of it. He seemed to be stuck in that 13 year old maturity for 15 + years. Going off the news that he couldn’t be bothered to show up for a event after getting free bikes he might still be there.

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Crush Crush
6/20/2020 1:21 AM

Imagine if social media was around for Denny Stephenson and Chicken?

Cheers, Crush

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stillwelding stillwelding
6/20/2020 9:23 AM
1911 wrote:

The date on this article ...more


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Subotai Subotai
6/21/2020 9:33 AM

I started a “story time: JLaw” thread a year or so ago. Some great stories in that thread.,20/Story-time-JLaw,1358985

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