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kongols kongols
11/7/2013 11:41 AM

New air forks can be easily rebuilt in to hydraulic forks. That`s the word.

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ocscottie ocscottie
11/7/2013 11:49 AM


"Feed The Bull"
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Camp332 Camp332
11/7/2013 12:03 PM

Oil spring forks? Siiiiiiick Bro

United States of America

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Skerby Skerby
11/7/2013 12:28 PM

I don't get it. Someone sell me a spring conversion kit.

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rocketsocks26 rocketsocks26
11/7/2013 12:43 PM

Mx tech already offers it I believe. Why not just buy the previous yrs fork on ebay. I went with ohlins rfx forks, no longer have fork problems

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mx317 mx317
11/7/2013 1:26 PM

They are already hydraulic forks.

Take it to the limit, one more time!

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slipdog slipdog
11/7/2013 2:00 PM

I like turtles

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Camp332 Camp332
11/7/2013 2:06 PM

Kongols was hittin the shine with Billyhill

United States of America

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GrapeApe GrapeApe
11/7/2013 2:10 PM

And the award for worst understanding of the operation of air forks goes to . . .

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early early
11/7/2013 2:11 PM

No wonder they suck they're shipping without any oil in 'em whistling

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peelout peelout
11/7/2013 4:09 PM

i prefer airbags over springs myself


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mx836 mx836
11/7/2013 4:27 PM
rocketsocks26 wrote:

Mx tech already offers it ...more

We are all aware of your forks by now.

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downard254 downard254
11/7/2013 4:34 PM
peelout wrote:

i prefer airbags over ...more

You can always count on peelout to put a smile on your face. Keep up the good work.

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11/7/2013 7:17 PM
rocketsocks26 wrote:

Mx tech already offers it ...more

You are correct Rocksocks26.

I was lucky to have a chance to test ride the MXT SFF fork conversion on both the 2013 Honda CRF450 and KX450F while visiting MX-Tech this summer. I was very impressed with the setup.

I have complete product page on the MXT SFF conversion HERE

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