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Shenzi Shenzi
3/26/2019 1:52 PM

Very tempted by both but really not sure which one will be the best for boring South Florida roads.

The Journey is the Destination

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Mitch_Berger Mitch_Berger
4/15/2019 8:35 PM

Is there a Ducati dealership within a reasonable distance?

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TooOld4WFO TooOld4WFO
6/22/2019 8:42 AM



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raynet27 raynet27
6/25/2019 1:35 AM

That looks really impressive. I like the tires as well.

Found a good set of atv tires. Ready to hit the trail again.

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navalseabee navalseabee
6/30/2019 2:19 PM

Holding out for the Yamaha T7, supposed to be 2021.

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7/7/2019 10:38 AM

The Ducati is basically a street bike. The KTM is arguably the best true dual Sport bike made. I've got a new 1290 R and wished I had waited for the 790 R.

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TooOld4WFO TooOld4WFO
7/12/2019 4:13 PM

In Rally mode the KTM is crazy responsive. Think 2 stroke responsive. I can only assume this is due to the throttle by wire along with KTMs reputation for building performance engines. My BMW 800 simply isn't as responsive. The bike should wheelie in first with just aggressive throttle and a pull. Should pull up catching second and a little clutch.
My 800 is all about lots of throttle, first gear and dumping the clutch.

It amazes me why anyone would want to ride this bike off road heavily. I'm reading online of persons attempting stuff that would be much better served by a bike with half the displacement and close to half the weight.

Curse Birch with his un-Godly skills on huge displacement adventure tourers. That guy has sold massive amounts of bikes for KTM.

So how does KTM one up the 790R?.... Bring out a limited edition of only 500 bikes of the 2020 790 Rally version...


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