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mark_swart mark_swart
7/5/2017 8:41 PM

Watching Red Bud this weekend got me thinking about the historical significance of some of our tracks, quite a few of which are passing or getting close to the 40 year mark. Tracks like Unadilla, Red Bud, High Point, Gatorback, Glen Helen, Lake Sugartree, etc. I hate the thought that some of these iconic tracks could someday be lost like Carlsbad and Saddleback.

Is it possible to get a MX track recognized as a historical site to protect them from future encroachment / noise complaints / rezoning / etc. (I believe Budds Creek was running into this a while back?)

Just curious if anyone has thought about or pursued this way to legitimize and preserve our heritage.

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JustMX JustMX
7/8/2017 12:20 PM
mark_swart wrote:

Watching Red Bud this ...more

probably about as realistic as getting historical landmark status for the local strip club.

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lumpy790 lumpy790
7/10/2017 5:24 AM
mark_swart wrote:

Watching Red Bud this ...more

JustMX wrote:

probably about as ...more

Budds Creek is now a historical land mark so it will always be a race track and can never be developed.

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Slosh 112 Slosh 112
7/11/2017 2:49 AM

Not sure about in the states but here in AUS the local council can do whatever it wants, If you own a house here that is historically recognised you can't do anything to it that doesn't fall within the guidelines, can't even change the colour unless the council approves. If it had enough local support and with good reasoning I don't see why a race track couldn't be recognised. No way would any Queensland race track ever be recognised as being historically significant... I'm surprised we are allowed to even own dirt bikes here in the nanny state.

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