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C50_mc_replica_1512453300 Bman_145 Quote
5/3/2016 4:56 AM

This was an old question, so Im just going to edit that and instead put a picture of my bike here:

C50_002_1462360205 bmd939 Quote
5/4/2016 4:07 AM

can you post a photo of what you need ?

C50_mc_replica_1512453300 Bman_145 Quote
5/4/2016 10:28 AM

C50_image_1473736252 look out below Quote
5/4/2016 1:40 PM

If you do find who can re-create them, post it up here. I thought about changing from a Motoxxx to this, maybe i can do both!

C50_mc_replica_1512453300 Bman_145 Quote
5/4/2016 6:32 PM

I hoping someone out there still has a set that we can send to a place like EVO MX for reproduction, even a used set would be a great starting place.

C50_img_1590_1407299248 NHtoWA421 Quote
5/6/2016 3:36 AM

k rae graphics out of mass could help you out. send her that side profile in an email. she has done several sets for me including this 2000 rm rep, this 01 pc rep on my yz, my kx, and this one based on the suzuki factory logo for my rmz.

C50_img_1590_1407299248 NHtoWA421 Quote
5/6/2016 3:39 AM

rmz's not done yet, but here's a teaser.

C50_002_1462360205 bmd939 Quote
5/6/2016 7:41 AM

What year Suzuki are you looking to put these on ? I think I can help

C50_mc_replica_1512453300 Bman_145 Quote
5/6/2016 8:57 AM

Im talking with Throttle Jockey now, I think they can do them, but if they if something comes up and they can't, I really appreciate the offer to help. I want to do a replica build, so it would be a 1997 RM 250.

C50_mc_replica_1512453300 Bman_145 Quote
5/7/2016 11:25 AM

K-Rae said A full kit is $199, + $50 to recreate that kit from scratch, but they dont do seat covers. Throttle Jockey said their design fee is $75 an hour or $1.25 a minute, again no seat cover, and are checking if they have issues doing the Troy dragon.

I think before I go ahead and get anything printed, I need to find a seat cover to get them to match. This is not going to be easy to find.

C50_gp10 Pat327 Quote
5/7/2016 12:09 PM

Definitely going to be tough to find. McGrath used a black seat cover during the nationals that year, so if you can't find the cover, you can always make it look like the outdoor bike.

C50_image_1426177274 CrGuy2T Quote
5/7/2016 12:51 PM

Keep watching eBay. I have seen a bout 3 of these sets over the last few years.

C50_mc_replica_1512453300 Bman_145 Quote
5/7/2016 12:57 PM

Good to know, thanks for the info, guys.

C50_img_0911_1485152037 Hugh_Falwell Quote
5/12/2016 8:38 AM

I actually have a set of plastic from MC's bike when he was on a Suzuki, I believe i have both shrouds, side number plates, and the front fender. I don't remember about the rear fender and I know I don't have the front plate

C50_515811a4_f191_486b_9978_db79fba8b596_1515902358 100PerCentMX Quote
6/20/2016 2:29 AM
Hugh_Falwell wrote:

I actually have a set of ...more

Hi Hugh,
Do you still have these Suzuki plastics from MC's bike for sale ?

C50_img_0023_1513860222 mxBryan Quote
6/20/2016 3:57 AM

You might try DareDecals in the UK !

C50_mc_replica_1512453300 Bman_145 Quote
6/20/2016 10:55 AM

Ok great, thanks for the tip!

C50_img_0911_1485152037 Hugh_Falwell Quote
6/20/2016 11:09 AM

I have these I don't really want to just sell them outright but I might consider a trade for some jerseys or something along those lines

C50_002_1462360205 bmd939 Quote
6/20/2016 4:30 PM

Are you still looking for these graphics ?

C50_mc_replica_1512453300 Bman_145 Quote
6/20/2016 4:38 PM

Im still looking for a seat cover to then match the graphics to. When I decide to give up on that hunt, then it seems there are several good places to get them remade made at but I haven't chosen one yet.

C50_image_1471230632 langhammx Quote
6/22/2016 7:28 PM

N-Style owns the rights to the "Dragon Logo", might want to give them a call and get a quote.

They also make their own seat covers in house, they might be able to help you.

C50_mc_replica_1512453300 Bman_145 Quote
11/4/2016 11:02 AM

A few updates on this project. The build is almost done. I have had a lot of work done to get reproduction graphics made, and after quite a few notes back and forth, they should be complete in the next few weeks. Thank you to Matt and Wes at Throttle Jockey.


Motor. Case and covers powder coated

Progress. It took awhile but I got both top and bottom applied clamps.

I got the yellow front plate thanks to harescrambled and quicken.

I cut the front fender like the Suzuki teams did back then. Matthes talked to RT to confirm they did it to help stop the bikes from overheating.

The biggest update is that I was super lucky to have a fellow SoT bike builder help me get a seat cover for the bike. So thank you again to jerry atrick moto! Still can't fully believe this really happened.

C50_sa11finalsmall2_1496265940 Micahdogg Quote
11/4/2016 11:41 AM

SICK WORK!! I fully approve!

C50_20180312_133257_1520982670 smashingpumpkins167 Quote
11/4/2016 12:56 PM

That is going to look so good. I loved the colors on that bike.

Instagram: vanillaice782
professional vitard, amateur helmet painter

C50_8890c9a0_8835_4352_b7e3_a58597956c47_1520096122 Sidecar Quote
11/4/2016 2:40 PM

I thought they cut the fenders to clear the brace they used, that I think had a small black carbon fibre fender on???? It was bolted on the top of the lower fork legs to prevent the right side up forks flexing ( I think it can be seen in the above side shot of the bike ) McGrath soon reverted back to USD forks if memory serves, as per the out door photo.
Bike looks awesome though, far better looking bike than the 1st gen alloy frame CR that he could have ended up on that year, can't wait to see it finished.

C50_8890c9a0_8835_4352_b7e3_a58597956c47_1520096122 Sidecar Quote
11/4/2016 2:47 PM

Brace and small black fender can clearly be seen on these shots of Greg Albertys bike and is present on the McGrath bike above.
C50_mc_replica_1512453300 Bman_145 Quote
11/4/2016 3:37 PM

That brace was to lessen the flex of the forks, so yeah they might have had to cut it for that as well, but this is what I was told. RT was a test rider for Suzuki then so I believe him too.

C50_yz400f_yellow_1424110974 jerry atrick moto Quote
11/4/2016 5:41 PM

Hope you don't mind I cut in Bman. Here is the start of my Mc RM build with original PC graphics and Guts cover . But I couldn't find all the rest of the body graphics. Now thanks to all Bmans work I will have the replica trim decals to finish the body kit.

Jamie Pressley and Mc's rig calendar picture

C50_mc_replica_1512453300 Bman_145 Quote
11/5/2016 12:00 AM

I'd be happy to share this forum with you to show off our builds

C50_yz400f_yellow_1424110974 jerry atrick moto Quote
11/5/2016 8:22 AM

Thanks Bman, I always thought it was kinda stange that Mc's team Suzuki bike had PC graphics and Greg Albertyns bike had N style. If you look at this cover pic from Cycle News Jan 1997 of MC it clearly shows him and his Suzuki with the same N style graphics as Gregs.. I personally like the Suzuki of Troy graphics better. So why the change in Graphics? Was it SOT or Mc who wanted a little different look?

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