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C50_img_8138_1507937792 731chopper Quote
7/17/2017 9:02 AM

I'm going over to England with my family for vacationing and racing the Vets MXdN at Farleigh Castle this year. I'm racing the Evo 250 class and am very excited but am wondering if anyone on here that has raced it has any tips in terms of what to prepare for that may be unique to this track/race?

I'm planning on bringing a set of spare gear, goggles and lots of tear offs because I'm thinking it will likely rain on at least one of the days.

C50_img_2876_1496383294 Sidecar Quote
7/17/2017 11:05 AM

I have raced it, 500 Evo class. They have 60 bikes in most motos, they let 40 go then 10 seconds later let the other 20 go, it's an awesome track but gets really, really rough on day 2. I'm not 100% sure I can make it down this year.
The weather could go either way that time of year, it could be shorts and tee shirts, plenty of cider or it could be ankle deep in mud... with plenty of cider.... You will love it, it's an awesome event.

C50_img_2367_1502547269 Mx746 Quote
7/17/2017 11:25 AM

How do you qualify for MXdn?

C50_img_8138_1507937792 731chopper Quote
7/17/2017 12:26 PM
Mx746 wrote:

How do you qualify for ...more

There is a lottery system you have to register for and if you're chosen through the lottery you have to then get a start permission letter from the AMA along with an International Racing License from the FIM.

Thanks Sidecar. I've seen in videos from years past how rough the track gets. Looks brutal by the end!

C50_img_2876_1496383294 Sidecar Quote
7/17/2017 1:23 PM

No worries... Found a couple of (not very good) photos of me, 2011 I think, I hadn't ridden in about 18 months due to injuries so was unfit and didn't do very well, rode my Husaberg thumper against a sea of CR and KX 500s would love to take it back now I'm race fit again....

C50_image_1448243557 darren7878 Quote
7/17/2017 4:40 PM

Bumpy and fast get used to holding on and keeping it pinned.

Massive event.

C50_108535940_1240066532 tydog Quote
7/17/2017 6:53 PM

I have not raced it but I am dying to do so. went over in 2016 and it is a great scene.

C50_bv_1458097606 GIwasB4 Quote
7/17/2017 7:02 PM

I was G before the "moto drive" to Vital

C50_image_1463572994 sandman768 Quote
7/18/2017 4:57 AM
Mx746 wrote:

How do you qualify for ...more

731chopper wrote:

There is a lottery system ...more

Start permission letter from the ama............that's comical.....track looks awesome!

C50_img_2367_1502547269 Mx746 Quote
7/18/2017 1:19 PM
Mx746 wrote:

How do you qualify for ...more

731chopper wrote:

There is a lottery system ...more

Thanks for info this race is going on the bucket list. ama permission?
AmotorcycleA or

C50_img_8138_1507937792 731chopper Quote
7/18/2017 1:26 PM
Mx746 wrote:

Thanks for info this race ...more

Motorcyclist AMA. Part of the fee for the start permission is for event medical insurance they provide you.

C50_20130922_091143_1385917505 smx94 Quote
7/19/2017 2:26 PM

Rode it 3 times and watched once and rode there many times at other events.its a great weekend.they usually over water it ,so its slippery sunday.not the best track but lots of great bikes and people.are you used to riding slippery wet grass?

C50_img_8138_1507937792 731chopper Quote
7/19/2017 3:52 PM
smx94 wrote:

Rode it 3 times and ...more

Thanks for the insight. I was thinking it'd be slippery before the track is chewed up as I am familiar with riding on grass. Is the dirt mostly clay?

C50_farleigh_vetsmxdn_2012_127 vmx3 Quote
7/20/2017 6:26 AM

I've raced there every year since 2012, it's a great time.

C50_330_1456872376 philG Quote
7/20/2017 3:18 PM

Raced it last year in Over 50 Open Evo, on my sons 89 RM125, that he built for the event , and then didnt get an entry.

Qualified 26th out of 60, which i was over the moon with, but the little bike struggled in the wet on sunday, crashed out of 13th in the first race, ended uo 24th i think in the last one.

Great weekend, get there early and take in the atmosphere.

This year the boy is in 125 EVO, i was going to do Super Evo but didnt get in, so canned the build,

C50_img_8138_1507937792 731chopper Quote
7/20/2017 5:15 PM
philG wrote:

Raced it last year in Over ...more

My old man is racing as well in the over 50 class. In fact, he is over there right now securing our bikes. Our number one goal is to finish all the motos and our second goal is to qualify for the main gate but I honestly don't know what to expect in terms of competition. The track looks like my style of track but I've never ridden the late 80s generation of bikes.

C50_330_1456872376 philG Quote
7/21/2017 4:31 AM

There are loads of bikes, it just depends what you are after. Track is half technical and half open grass, it is fast and gets rough.. my goal was to not get lapped by Nicoll and Dubach which I managed.

There are loads of slower guys, I was over halfway up the grid on a 125 against 250 and 500 guys, and im not small (220ish).. secret is to walk the track loads, and pin it from the start, you only get maybe 4 laps so you cant piss about, I was 19th till the last lap, but 30 odd seconds off what Nicol did. Its fast at the front , top 10 to 15, after that , its not too bad.

C50_2001125lq_1380490272 ATKpilot99 Quote
7/21/2017 4:56 AM

So if you're from overseas you can rent a bike to race ?

C50_330_1456872376 philG Quote
7/21/2017 5:15 AM

You could, plenty of guys who don't get an entry , bikes are not in short supply either. A lot of guys build the bikes, and either don't ride them because its too good, or because they cant.

Its an excuse to be there, and enjoy it without the stress of riding .

C50_img_8138_1507937792 731chopper Quote
7/21/2017 11:30 AM
ATKpilot99 wrote:

So if you're from overseas ...more

I'm sure you could do that from people if you have connections. I know we lent a couple of our bikes to a guy from Scotland at Diamond Dons this year.

We were originally trying to find some bikes to rent for this but ended up buying some, renting a storage unit and putting them in there. I'm not sure what the plan is for the bikes after the race. I may look into shipping mine home.

C50_20130922_091143_1385917505 smx94 Quote
7/21/2017 1:43 PM

If anyone is interested in buying a very conpetitive 250 maico for the twinshock class get in touch..

C50_330_1456872376 philG Quote
7/21/2017 3:01 PM

if you have bikes to spare, then let them be used, we hooked some US guys up for a race in Belgium back in 2002 +2003 and got to ride in the AMA off the back of it, and everything else has come off the back of that .

We are going to do it again this year if it all comes together, opens all sorts of doors, if we had as many EVO bikes as we have SM bikes around us , we would be laughing

C50_profile_pic2_1512560874 chuckdavies Quote
7/26/2017 5:22 AM

Watched it a few times, then raced it the past 2 years in the Open Super Evo (90-96) class on my 94 Splitfire KX125, both years finishing 4th overall.

Determined to make it onto the podium on a 125, i'm racing this year on my Mugen powered 92 Peak CR125. I just won this years UK EVO MX Championship on it and she's running sweet so fingers crossed! Track is amazing to ride on the older bikes, you'll love it!



Instagram - @90sMotocross
Facebook - 90s Motocross

C50_img_2367_1502547269 Mx746 Quote
7/26/2017 10:24 AM
chuckdavies wrote:

Watched it a few times, ...more

Go get em! Put that pinger on the podium!!

( thinking about registering for next year, I went through the regulations but didn't see any info concerning machine requirements for each class?)

C50_1_1450103961 RussB Quote
7/27/2017 7:50 AM

You're in for a treat, Farleigh is awesome.
I've been lucky enough to get in the past 3 years at Farleigh in the EVO 250 class, but unfortunately I didn't get an entry this year.... gutted!

The EVO250 class is fast, but very fun. Handling is key, get the bike set up. Drop the forks and run a decent amount of sag. The hills are fast and rough and things can get very busy on the old bikes! You will want a new set of soft/intermediate tyres. I've always liked the Michelin MS3's at Farleigh but they aren't available anymore.

You will also need to unplug your brain a bit. Your practice session is also your qualifying session and you get 3/4 laps. Your time determines your gate pick and gate pick is important at Farliegh. So you need to be on the pace from the get go. As said, walk the track a lot so it is familiar before you even ride it. You will then go straight into your racing, and the races are short. There's no time for warming up or building speed, you need a mint start and then sprint right to the finish. It's intense but its what makes it so fun!

Here's a video of me from 2016, track will likely be the same this year.



C50_imgp5034_1503136111 Pal Quote
8/20/2017 9:37 AM

Anyone know how strictly they run the Open Super Evo class? I would like to try and get an an entry for next year but my bike is a 1999 KX 500 so sits just outside of the regulations .

C50_img_2876_1496383294 Sidecar Quote
8/20/2017 2:20 PM
Pal wrote:

Anyone know how strictly ...more

You will be fine on a 99 KX500, they never check anything, I've seen bikes/parts on bikes at Farleigh that would get into a lot of trouble at other vintage races...

C50_imgp5034_1503136111 Pal Quote
8/21/2017 10:49 AM

Great, thanks Sidecar.

C50_img_2876_1496383294 Sidecar Quote
8/21/2017 1:45 PM
Pal wrote:

Great, thanks Sidecar.

No worries

C50_108678600_1270131806 Fraser Quote
8/24/2017 1:54 AM

I've done the last 5 out of 6. Racing the 88 Cagiva again this year. Always so much fun, great weekend

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