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C50_img_0023_1513860222 mxBryan Quote
1/21/2015 6:44 AM

Hello everyone.

Time for another project ! I'm working on my 2000 CR250 again.
This time i will build a detailed replica of Ricky Carmichael's 01 CR250 MXoN bike !

I will try to use as much details as i can and a few HRC parts if possible, but building a full HRC replica will be to expensive for my wallet !
The bike i will use was rebuild at the end of 2013 http://www.vitalmx.com/forums/Race-Shop,42/CR-250-01-clean-up,1264829 and engine got new bearings, seals, cylinder, top and bottom end at the beginning of 2014, i only rode the bike for 27.5 hours since then ! piston only has 15 hours ! So engine will not have a rebuild, but i will sandblast it and afterwards take it apart for new gaskets and seals and a last check to make sure everything is fine at the inside. The bike will not riding anymore after finishing !

I have no budget foreseen for this project, so it will probably not be finished by the end of the year. I have other priorities to and just bought a 02 CR250 to have a bike for the 2015 season !

I already have a few updates done the past few weeks ! So here it goes guys, Enjoy !
Updates will follow in a few hours !

C50_img_0023_1513860222 mxBryan Quote
1/21/2015 8:05 AM

Started stripping the bike 2 months ago.

The engine together with my YZ80 engine, 2stroke power !

Parts are all over the place!

The frame needed to be like Ricky's MXoN bike so i cleaned her with alloy wheel cleaner and high pressure water, Then used green scotch brite, WD40 and elbow grease.



5 days ago i gave it another shot with green scotchbrite for a even better result !
Pictures not very clear !

Many thanks to the people who helped me and gave usefull tips to get my frame look almost new again !

Got the engine prepared for bead blasting. But it's not blasted yet !

Time for cleaning the swingarms, bearings will be reused cause they only ran for 30 hours and had no signs of dirt and water inside !

For cleaning the swingarm i also used green scotch brite and WD40. Happy with the result !

Did some other things as well.

Cleaned the throttle housing and disassembled the rear shock.

Cleaned and greased the linkage bearings. They have no play and no signs of dirt and water inside, only the sinlge bearing at the small side needs replacing. The wheel bearings need to be replaced to !

Prepared my clamps for bead blasting. Steering stem bearings will be reused as well (they ran for about 30hours)

Result !

I'm very happy with the result. Removed the old grease and packed with new, back to assembly now !

C50_img_0023_1513860222 mxBryan Quote
1/21/2015 9:27 AM

Here's what i still need to do and buy for having my rolling chassis ready !

-Anodize my upper fork tubes in silver and a rebuild kit for the front suspension.
-Anodize the rims in silver.
-Bead blast the hubs.
-New spokes and nipples
-Renthal aluminum rear sprocket (the one like Ricky's bike had).
-Dunlop D756f tyres. (these will be hard to find)
-Replate some hardware.
-HRC front brake disc

C50 ThijsK Quote
1/22/2015 4:49 AM

Nice project, will follow this build.

C50_photo_402025_1416330003 slackinoff Quote
1/25/2015 5:31 AM

Looking good keep it up!

C50_ricflairwoo_1470002104 SeaClassExpert Quote
1/25/2015 10:17 AM

While I love this build, I don't think you're going to be happy with the results you'll find by anodizing the rims silver. Unless you have a buddy or know how to do it yourself, I don't think the cost saved will be worth it in my opinion rather than just buying new rims from RMATV or BTO. But it looks great!

If it can't be fixed with a hammer, it's an electrical problem.

C50_img_0023_1513860222 mxBryan Quote
2/2/2015 9:49 AM

I prefer to anodize the rims.

I got 2 options here. Or i anodize the golden takasago rims in silver or i swap the takasago rims with the rims of my 02 CR250 (this bike has silver D.I.D. rims) D.I.D. rims is just what i need for this project.

The D.I.D. rims also needs new anodize, but it's full of scratches, that will give a bad finish after anodizing.
The takasago rims have almost none scratches, they will give a better finish after anodizing.

Maybe i should try to wet-sand the D.I.D. rims to get most of the scratches out ?

C50_5_1438197112 K-dubbb Quote
2/2/2015 10:52 AM
mxBryan wrote:

I prefer to anodize the ...more

With the cost to anodize and prep the wheels (your time) isn't it more cost effective to just buy new rims/hoops? Not to mention they will look the best out of all options.

Rm 125
1982 Honda z50 "110 Project"
1985 Honda ATC 70

Come in hot or give someone else a shot

C50_img_0023_1513860222 mxBryan Quote
2/5/2015 8:08 AM
mxBryan wrote:

I prefer to anodize the ...more

K-dubbb wrote:

With the cost to anodize ...more

New OEM D.I.D. rims will cost a fortune. And new rims are pretty expensive to..
I'm sure if i can sand the scratches out of the rims, they will look good and new again after anodising.
Not to be a cheapskate, but i prefer this way.

C50_img_0023_1513860222 mxBryan Quote
2/7/2015 5:21 PM

Ok, Some small updates.
Got al my hardware send to a company in Holland for replating !

Meanwhile i started on cleaning my sub-frame, with green scotch brite and WD-40.

Also stripped the wheels, but had to cut the spokes, the nipples just strip round.
Even tried to heat the nipples, but still wont budge !
A vise-grip didn't work either.

Hubs will be sanded soon !

Here i got another picture of my finished frame ! Love the result.

I also bought a HRC front brake disc, really excited to receive this !

Been busy on my other CR250 to..

The 93 YZ80 (another projet of mine) is almost finished, just waiting for the new shift shaft, and then i can put the engine back into the frame.
Then i can start save some $ for this project !

C50_image_1423167981 SeanM327 Quote
2/9/2015 7:59 AM

I love this bike build. I had those woody graphics on my '01 125 when I was a kid. Good luck I'll be following.

C50_img_0023_1513860222 mxBryan Quote
2/21/2015 5:59 AM

Some small updates !

Cleaned the airbox and gas tank, Then i wiped it with WD40 and let it soak for a few minutes, So the old faded black looks a bit darker..

And i cutted my sprocket cover like the HRC ones.

Yesterday i received my HRC front brake disc. Looks really amazing !
Can't wait to buy some more HRC parts. Also i bought some new equipment for my garage !

Bought this awesome sandblast cabinet. The cost of this cabinet was cheaper then sending all my parts to a shop.

Needed a bigger compressor for the sandblast cabinet, My 6gallon compressor was to small so i bought a 26gallon.

And a wheel balancer.

My 02 CR250 is almost finished, Just need the exhaust gaskets.. Also bought woody decals for the shrouds (not the mxon ones).

Let the motocross season begin !

C50_img_0023_1513860222 mxBryan Quote
2/21/2015 6:03 AM

Still waiting for my replated hardware, When i receive them, i can assemble the bike some more !

C50_img_0023_1513860222 mxBryan Quote
4/1/2015 12:57 PM

Hey guys, some work done the past few weeks !

Got my hubs and engine blasted last month.

Now i still need to bring the engine to the shop for new seals and gaskets.
The cilinder will be painted dark grey like the color of the HRC cilinders. And as a finishing touch a set of titanium HRC replica engine bolts.
Also i swapped the keihin carb from this bike with the mikuni i had on my 02 CR250, because i needed a mikuni carburetor for this project !

BTW had some bad luck last month with my 02 CR250, i discovered 2 cracks in the back of the cylinder ! Luckely i didn't ride the bike since i have it, so i saw it right on time ! Can't imagine the damage this could give !
When twisting the throttle you could see the cracks open and close, very scary if you ask me !
Brought the cylinder to the shop where they welded it. And it's looking very solid, i rode the bike 2 times for now after welding and everything still looks fine.

Also i put my wheels together, i finally made a decision on what to do for the wheels !
So here's what i did, i swapped the golden excel rims from my 00 CR250 for the silver D.I.D. rims from the 02 CR250.
For all 4 of the wheels i had to cut the spokes ! For the 02 hubs i bought stainless steel moose racing spokes and nipples. and for the 00 hubs i bought OEM honda spokes and nipples, which came from a new bike ! The guy where i bought it from swapped the OEM spokes and nipples for aftermarket ones, so i bought them for a good price of 100euros + some new pink oem carburetor hoses for the mikuni.

ThijsK from Holland picked up my replated bolts and will be sending these to me soon, so again thank you very much Thijs ! Appreciate it !

Also got to mention that 12 may i'm going to America for 9 days, (L.A., San Francisco and Las Vegas).
So this project will be quit for some weeks.

C50_img_0023_1513860222 mxBryan Quote
4/1/2015 1:08 PM

Forgot to mention my 02 CR is almost finished, just need to rip the number plate decals off and put some large number 4's on it Why number 4 ?? you guys know who..

Still has the D.I.D. rims and mikuni carb on it in this photo !

C50_img_0023_1513860222 mxBryan Quote
6/24/2015 9:35 AM

Hey guys ! time for some small updates.

I cleaned and bead blasted my carburetor.

Result !

Replated hardware.
Thanks again to ThijsK !

And some other parts i bead blasted.

During my short trip in California i went to Chaparral Motorsports ! Bought some stuff there.
Waffle/diamond soft renthal grips and a renthal 54 tooth sprocket just like RC's bike ! and OEM honda chain slider and slider block.

i was kinda in a rush because it was 5 pm and i wanted to go visit pro circuit to, so i forgot to ask for stuff like chain rollers and other oem parts. Really bummed !
I made it right on time at Pro Circuit ! ( damn traffic )
Wanted to buy a pro circuit works stand like in the picture below but the stand wouldn't fit my Luggage.. shipping would have cost 170 dollars.. So it was better for me to buy the stand at one of their importers in the U.K. altough i bought the panels that go with the stand.

Last update: I managed to find a brand new Dunlop D756 rear tyre, still need a front tyre.

C50_img_0023_1513860222 mxBryan Quote
8/27/2015 2:05 PM

Hey guys
No big updates, but got some parts collected the past weeks !

A small batch of OEM honda parts.

Got me a UFO front number plate "plasticwerks" style, this one will do the job until i find a PW one.

HRC replica aluminum fork guard screws anodized in black, will have a better picture next time.

At the moment my front forks are in the suspension shop for a "factory look" treatment, upper tubes gonna be anodized in silver, inner tubes will be plated in the brown/bronze color which looks like RC's bike had, and the fork lugs getting hard-anodized in black.
Can't wait to have it back in my hands.

C50_dsc_0137_1486620057 dylanv21 Quote
8/27/2015 5:15 PM

When you blasted the carb, did you gut the whole thing? Or how'd you do it? Came out great, along with the rest of the project so far!!

C50_image_1426177274 CrGuy2T Quote
8/27/2015 6:48 PM

The copper brown lower legs are so trick.

C50_5_1438197112 K-dubbb Quote
8/27/2015 7:42 PM

This build is awesome, love both bikes..... And the YZ!

Rm 125
1982 Honda z50 "110 Project"
1985 Honda ATC 70

Come in hot or give someone else a shot

C50_img_0023_1513860222 mxBryan Quote
8/28/2015 7:08 AM
dylanv21 wrote:

When you blasted the carb, ...more

No, i removed all the internals like jets and stuff.
Just left the top cover and floater cover on and stuffed some paper towel in the intake and airboot holes, because i didn't want to blast the inside of the carburetor.

Then after blasting, clean the inside with brake cleaner and blow out with compressed air.


C50_img_0023_1513860222 mxBryan Quote
8/28/2015 7:18 AM
K-dubbb wrote:

This build is awesome, ...more


Yeah i love the YZ to, it was my first 'real' motorcycle and didn't want to get rid of it !
The problem was i needed more space in the garage so this was the solution.

C50_img_0023_1513860222 mxBryan Quote
9/23/2015 2:27 PM

Hi guys, some updates from the past weeks.

Got my swingarm installed, rear brake caliper and a brand new slave cylinder. The brake hose was in a pretty good shape for it's age so didn't use a new one.

Also blasted the front brake caliper and master cylinder, but the brake hose looks crap from it's age so have to get a new one.

I received another small batch of Honda OEM parts for rebuilding the front and rear brake caliper, all brake pad clips, pin hangers, banjo bolts, some bolts and screws for the front master cylinder gets replaced.

Picked up my spring from the powdercoat today and looks perfect ! shock also got a new bearing on the top.

Also received the HRC shift lever i bought from Chuck "Norris" Davies (the guy from the Peak Honda and Splitfire Kawasaki) so again thank you ! Cheers.

Called my suspension shop, my front forks should be finished in 2-3 weeks. Eagerly waiting !

Does somebody know how i move this topic to the "old school moto" forum ? I thinkt this topic fits better there.

C50_image_1459809813 jason486 Quote
9/23/2015 3:29 PM

Not a replica but when I got it I had to have the woody graphics for it
C50_img_0023_1513860222 mxBryan Quote
11/2/2015 3:07 PM

Some updates from the past few weeks ! Today i picked up my suspension from the shop, after they gave it a "A kit" touch.
Fork lugs were hard-anodized in black, inner tubes have the gold Ti-nitrate coating and the upper tubes anodized in silver.

Got my engine stripped and the cases shipped to Holland for vapour-blast, the cases were finished today so should have them back in a week !

So last week i received my titanium nuts for the cylinder and head, and i ordered a titanium "HRC type" bolt kit for the engine from Phil Denton Engineering in the U.K., should have them in about 2 weeks !

The engine should be complete in a month, only piece missing is a Honda Racing ignition cover.
I have the Honda Racing clutch cover already which i bought a year ago. Only i still need to paint it.
These were the cast aluminum ones, but i'm not so happy about the finish of the words HONDA RACING. It looks pretty rough, i've seen better ones out there for sure !

Meanwhile the parts pile is growing !

I'm planning a photoshoot of the engine when it's finished, should be awesome !

C50_s1600_tumblr_muriyfrnsx1r46py4o1_1280_1381979943_1413511971 Crush Quote
11/3/2015 12:31 AM

Nice dude! Love it!

Crazy how much the frames have changed too hey. Were so overbuilt!

Cheers, Crush

C50_img_0023_1513860222 mxBryan Quote
11/30/2015 3:35 AM

Got my engine cases back from vapour blasting and found a sandcast replica Honda Racing ignition cover which i painted in grey.
The clutch side cover was supposed to turn out more like a brown/grey finish ! So probably it will be repainted with another paint, depends how it turns out when everything is together.

Also received my HRC replica titanium engine bolts from Phil Denton Engineering !

Everything is back at the shop for assembly, engine should be finished this week.

C50_img_0023_1513860222 mxBryan Quote
12/15/2015 12:43 PM

Engine is almost finished, but here's a sneak peek !

Here with the HRC shift lever and carburetor on it.

I think the titanium bolts are looking friggin awesome !

C50 FRANZINI499 Quote
12/15/2015 1:00 PM

Awesome build man!! I've been following this thread from the beginning and can't wait to see it finished! I have been shopping around for suspension coatings and I love what you have done to yours, I was just wondering if you could let me know who coated them for you. Thanks, and good luck with the rest of the build!

C50_img_0023_1513860222 mxBryan Quote
12/16/2015 4:05 AM
FRANZINI499 wrote:

Awesome build man!! I've ...more

Thanks, i appreciate it !

The forks are done by a company in the Netherlands called paardekam suspension.
I think every suspension shop can anodize your forks or have partners who can anodize it.

Hopefully it's finished by 9/11/2016
It would be so awesome to have this bike finished when it's exactly 15years ago when the attacks happened.
We all know this was the reason team USA didn't race the MXoN in Belgium 2001.

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