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C50 OrangeJuice Quote
4/11/2016 11:05 AM

Hey guys, I am new here, just purchased a 2016 KTM 450SXF from my local dealer. The very first day I brought it home, before even unloading it out of my truck, I noticed an audible ticking sound coming from the engine compartment at idle. It sounds like a valve train tick. The ticking is consistent with the RPM and does it riding or idling. The sound seems to be at the top of the engine. Anyone else with the new KTM have this ticking? I called the dealer and sent them a video, he said everything sounds normal. My gut is telling me it is not normal. I'm trying to get this figured out before my 30 day "warranty" is up. Any help would be awesome!

C50_11111166_1604018196548831_2446724603716701395_o_1433855518 Digger29 Quote
4/11/2016 11:57 AM

It's the clutch. Start it and pull in the clutch and the ticking goes away.

C50_jessy1_1471467436 CarlinoJoeVideo Quote
4/11/2016 12:06 PM

I believe there is a bit of a tick until oil gets to the top of the motor. Maybe post a video here?

C50 OrangeJuice Quote
4/11/2016 12:10 PM
Digger29 wrote:

It's the clutch. Start it ...more

Just tried that, the ticking is there regardless of whether the clutch is in or out.

C50 OrangeJuice Quote
4/12/2016 6:54 AM
CarlinoJoeVideo wrote:

I believe there is a bit ...more

I thought that too, but if I ride it for an hour, it will tick for an hour. It shouldn't take an hour for oil to get to the top end. Trying to figure out how to get a video posted up on here for you guys..

C50_jessy1_1471467436 CarlinoJoeVideo Quote
4/12/2016 7:20 AM

Try loading it to YouTube or Vimeo then post a link.

C50 OrangeJuice Quote
4/12/2016 7:35 AM
CarlinoJoeVideo wrote:

Try loading it to YouTube ...more

Here is a link:


You can hear it the best in this video.

Here are two more links:



C50_jessy1_1471467436 CarlinoJoeVideo Quote
4/12/2016 7:49 AM

What happens when you rev it? That sounds like my bike but the sound goes away during revs.

C50 OrangeJuice Quote
4/12/2016 8:01 AM
CarlinoJoeVideo wrote:

What happens when you rev ...more

The tick increases in speed with the RPM increase. The transfer from my phone to YouTube really muffled the sound of the tick. You can hear it very well when you are standing next to the bike.

C50_jessy1_1471467436 CarlinoJoeVideo Quote
4/12/2016 8:19 AM
CarlinoJoeVideo wrote:

What happens when you rev ...more

OrangeJuice wrote:

The tick increases in ...more

Yeah I can hear the tick. Sounds like my bike. But if in rev the motor it changes.

Maybe check your oil level, valve clearance and timing change tension. If it's running fine fine and everything checks out, you should be fine.

C50 OrangeJuice Quote
4/12/2016 8:28 AM
CarlinoJoeVideo wrote:

Yeah I can hear the tick. ...more

Oil level is fine, just did the first oil change. The bike has 2.3 hours on it, I shouldn't have to check the valve clearance and timing chain tension. Definitely don't want to tear into it and void any warranty I do have. Just wanted to mainly see if anyone else has the same issue. Thanks for the help!

C50 assu Quote
4/12/2016 8:28 AM


I dont know for sure but my 2016 250 sx-f did same thing. But i didn't pay attention(big mistake). And it got worse way worse. Then i went to the dealer and they said its sand damage(sand getting into engine). I was pretty sure it wasnt sand, not the first bike. I know how to wash filters. And i had a recall to my bike also. Dealer did not inform me. Now i am 1500 eur poorer. Dealer lying, Austria KTM dosent giva a f.... (Happend in Estonia).

So my advice. Take it back or make somekind of deal if it get worse. It will have warranty. There have been problems.

But last thing. KTMs do have a little ticking sound.(thats the reason,why its hard to say. Video will disort the sound)

Dont want to scare you, but just had very bad experience and dont want anybody else to have it.(sorry for my english)

C50 bf884 Quote
4/12/2016 10:59 AM

Does it get more quiet when you pull the clutch in? Mine makes the same noise but when I pull the clutch it's not as noisy but still there. I've had zero problems. Other ktms I've heard sound the same

C50 OrangeJuice Quote
4/12/2016 11:02 AM
bf884 wrote:

Does it get more quiet ...more

Ticking does not change at all regardless of where the clutch is.

C50 assu Quote
4/12/2016 11:38 AM

Is the noise louder, when cold start and choke is in?

C50_img_2336_1498787446 Moto520 Quote
4/12/2016 2:55 PM

is there anything loose that might be making the noise in terms of chassis?

C50_cliffrmz Meister Quote
4/12/2016 4:16 PM

My 16 450 makes the ticking sound but as stated it does nearly go away when actuating the clutch.

C50 fulltime wrench Quote
4/12/2016 5:03 PM

You need to take the bike back to the dealer and have them check it out. Maybe cut a deal where if they open it up and find nothing wrong you pay labor, but if there is a problem they repair it under warranty. If they are an honest company you shouldnt have a problem.

IMO something is wrong with the engine. I am not familiar with KTM 4 strokes so I cant say what it might be. If my brand new bike was making an abnormal noise, I would have taken it straight back to the dealer without riding it another second. In fact, I would have started it at the dealer with a technician standing beside me before I rolled it up the ramp into the truck bed. Looks like you have continued to ride the bike a couple of hours and performed the first oil change yourself. Hopefully your dealer is a stand up company that doesn't take issue with that. Many dealers in my area would probably say "sorry, warranty has been voided." Good luck!

C50 OrangeJuice Quote
4/12/2016 5:26 PM

Thanks for all the info guys. I will dig around the bike and see if anything is loose. The next step, imo, is to take it back to the dealer. I called KTM North America and the guy I talked to said "The dealerships are our eyes and ears, if they say it's good, keep riding it." he also said that he will document the sound so if anyone else calls in with it he will start investigating.

C50 OrangeJuice Quote
4/12/2016 5:29 PM
assu wrote:

Is the noise louder, when ...more

The ticking is loudest when the bike is hot. This is why I think it is valve train related. I have not yet used the cold start knob, doesn't get very cold in my neck of the woods.

C50 assu Quote
4/12/2016 9:06 PM
fulltime wrench wrote:

You need to take the bike ...more


Take it back do dealer. Its brand new bike and cost you a lot of money.

C50_rierdale_2011_yz125_20150927_1443577408 cwtoyota Quote
4/13/2016 6:57 AM
OrangeJuice wrote:

Thanks for all the info ...more

That's a good plan. I hear a definite metallic "ting" sound in your first video; like something is loose.
If you don't find any loose parts, take that thing in to the shop you bought it from and have them listen to it.

They probably have another low hours 2016 sitting there. Ask them to hear another same model/year run to reassure you that they sound the same.

The clutch sound other guys are talking about is in every single bike made, but way more audible in four strokes. It is due to designed backlash between the primary drive and driven gear (crank and clutch basket). There is a torsional vibration as the engine decelerates in compression stroke and accelerates in power stroke. Since the clutch assembly has a bunch of inertia it wants to run at a constant speed and the gears bounce across the backlash gap. Pulling in the clutch lever reduces the inertia of the clutch assembly by decoupling the steel driven plates and the hub/pressure plate/spring assembly.

C50 OrangeJuice Quote
4/13/2016 11:17 AM
OrangeJuice wrote:

Thanks for all the info ...more

cwtoyota wrote:

That's a good plan. I hear ...more

Going to try to run it up there today, if the weather permits. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
Thanks again fellas.

C50 TommyGunner Quote
5/19/2016 6:48 PM

Please let me know what you find out. My 2016 sxf 450 has about 15 hours now. Out of warranty(bought it beginning of year and still had snow on the ground) it sounds identical to your video. I keep telling my self it I fine. But it still worries me. I had a few other 450s. Non had "valve tick" nearly this loud. Please keep me posted. Thanks

C50_img_0982_1_1489935074 Cadpro18 Quote
5/20/2016 12:08 PM

My '14 sounded just like that when the intake rocker DLC coating failed. There was a bulletin on the '13 that covered certain VIN's and provided a new cam and rocker. My '14 wasn't included, but the problem still existed. I'd be checking the valve clearance... it's pretty easy.

C50_img_8579_1420206729 Downtown T. Brown Quote
5/22/2016 9:18 PM

What fuel are you using? Not sure what's available in LA? Last time I went to CA all I could get was 91 at the pump. Valves clattered in my YZ but a little VP mixed in and no more clatter. I try to stick with BP or Exxon 93 locally.

C50_img_20110303_154406 DTHA70 Quote
5/24/2016 4:35 PM

most likely your cam chain tensioner. KTM uses a STUPID hydraulic cam chain tensioner that is horrible.

get a nice manual cam chain tensioner and I bet your sound goes away.

C50 OrangeJuice Quote
8/15/2016 7:19 PM

Hey guys, quick update on the bike. I took it in a few months ago for a check up and it's second oil change. I left the bike there for a week for them to look over it and make sure everything was good. I haven't had the time to ride it much except for a few blasts around the field after work, it has 3.6 hours on it now.. When I went to pick the bike up I talked to the dealer for a while about my concern with the engine noise. He claims it is the cam chain tensioner and if the bike had a catastrophic failure he would give me a new one, so I've been riding it without worry (when I have the time) and all has been well. Someone in here said that theirs was doing the same thing until they started to rev or ride the bike. I can honestly say I feel that is the way mine is too. At first I didn't think so because I was paranoid, but I have let a few friends ride it with me standing close to the bike and I cannot hear the sound when they pass. I'll let you guys know if anything bad happens. I trust my dealer, they have gone over the top with customer service for me, so I will let them be the experts on this and keep riding it. Thanks again for all the help guys.

C50 OrangeJuice Quote
8/15/2016 7:27 PM
Downtown T. Brown wrote:

What fuel are you using? ...more

I run the highest grade non ethanol gas I can find, which is 91 octane here.
Off topic, but does anyone ride around the Southeast Texas, Southwest Louisiana area in here? I'd like a few more people to ride with locally. I usually make the drive to Three Palms in North Houston, but it's getting harder and harder to motivate myself to drive three hours to ride by myself..

C50 Paw Paw Quote
8/15/2016 8:32 PM

I am in NW Louisiana and do make the trip to Three Palms and Rio regularly. I also ride south Louisiana from time to time as well as Swan and Red Bug.
What area are you in?

Paw Paw

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