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C50_23316668_10155299130366713_2732348592435158961_n_1521657635 RelentlessMedia Quote
6/22/2012 11:40 AM

My son rides a 2011 KX 85. We recently rebuilt the top end and added a weiseco light weight pistona dn rings and a vortex triple stage reed and the motor is so much faster. But now we are having new problem, no traction in the florida sand and at 93lbs hes trippleing jumps and bottoming out the suspension.

Hes just getting into racing and my questions are:

What gearing should we run on the rear sprocket? (Still running stock)
What Tires are best for florida sand? (Still running stock)
Should we go with Stiffer Springs front and rear now that he apparently wants to jump everything in sight? (Still running stock)

Any recomendations would be great!

Jamie Allen
President, CEO
Relentless Media Inc.

C50_img_20151127_132255925_1450107346 mxb2 Quote
6/22/2012 11:55 AM

Get the suspension set up for his weight, set sag, If you ride fast tracks use a smaller rear sprocket, If the tracks are tight go bigger on the rear. As for the tires sand tires usually have a wider knob space pattern, Pirelli, michelin make a great tire. look at their websites and you can pick a tire selection for your riding conditions. Good luck, keeo us posted.

C50_jake_whip._1455798297 Jakes Dad Quote
6/22/2012 12:44 PM

BR9eix plug with that ignition, and dial in ignition better for traction issues.

Shock 4.0, fork springs .29. Active Ride has been doing my KX 85/100 stuff for 5 years now and has it dialed in for aggressive riders (jumpers).

Tires most any sand tire works Dunlop MX 31's Michelin MS 2's are pretty popular down here.

Here's speaking from experience for suspension stuff.
At 10 years old.

Now at 14 years old.

C50_23316668_10155299130366713_2732348592435158961_n_1521657635 RelentlessMedia Quote
6/22/2012 1:46 PM
Jakes Dad wrote:

BR9eix plug with that ...more

SICK!!! What track is that? Ignition timing? Active ride does that too? Where are they located? Phone number?

Jamie Allen
President, CEO
Relentless Media Inc.

C50_jake_whip._1455798297 Jakes Dad Quote
6/22/2012 3:55 PM

On the Vortex box the different settings are for the ignition curves. You need to change the settings to tame down the hit so it doesn't spin the tire so bad. Or you can retard the ignition setting on the stator plate, move the mark downward towards the minus mark.

The track 1st video isn't open anymore the 2nd is Area 51 outside of Brooksville.

Info for Active Ride They are in Spring Hill (West Central Fl.) He can turn around your stuff really quick this time of year. Tell Matt that Jake's Dad sent you, hopefully he won't charge you double!

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