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C50_img_7647_1484767714 rmmark Quote
9/9/2016 11:19 PM

Hi, I'm new here. The names Mark. I realize that this may have been posted before. But I do have some questions... (I will be inserting a helicoil, not a time-sert). So how deep do I drill the hole for it? And I hear people say to flush it out, or clean the hole, how do do that? The bike is a 2001 rm125. Thanks. Sorry if I sound like a noob... It's because I am truly a noob! Oh, and can I use plain lithium grease for the drill bit?

C50 Paw Paw Quote
9/10/2016 4:44 AM

I don't mean to be negative as this is a problem a lot of folks have had to face while owning bikes, but there are a few issues to understand when attempting this.
1. The case is very thin in the drain location with only a small lip cast into it to allow for the drain plug threads to hold.
2. This lip also has slots and holes in it to allow for complete oil draining.
3. When you drill it you will be covering those slots and holes and also reducing the strength of the case and will not get a complete oil drain when doing so.
4. If you drill too deep you can do damage.
5. If those lip areas should break while drilling or tapping then you have chunks of the case floating around in the trans and could jam it up.

The best solution I have found over the years is to remove the engine, split the cases and have the hole welded and re-tapped. Yes this is more costly and all but it should last. The other choice is to locate a new or used case as a replacement. Yes that is costly too, but either of these fixes will last where as your stated fix may not and the results will be more costly and may even be dangerous as it could fail at a time that would lead to a bad crash.

FYI: These cases are still available new and sold only in sets.

Paw Paw

C50_img_7647_1484767714 rmmark Quote
9/10/2016 7:24 AM

^ yeah that might be what I have to do. What would be the chance of me screwing it up since many people have done it?

C50_ryan_villopoto_interview_2_1505140926 imoto34 Quote
9/10/2016 3:32 PM

The way Paw Paw explained above.

C50 dereka15 Quote
9/10/2016 4:09 PM

Like stated above splitting the cases is definitely the best way to do it, you may be able to throw a Time-sert in it, I prefer this because you now have a much stronger thread material that won't strip

C50 Bruce372 Quote
9/11/2016 8:26 PM

Oil drain bolts come with a aluminum, copper or thin metal crush washer that people use for the entire life of the bike....however, they are only good for a few oil changes before the bolt doesn't torque properly and messes up the threads.

It's worth buying a few spare for your bike.

Good luck with the repair

C50_img_7647_1484767714 rmmark Quote
9/13/2016 8:00 AM
Bruce372 wrote:

Oil drain bolts come with ...more

Thanks man!

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