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C50 Dikseun Quote
10/4/2017 10:18 PM

Hi all, trying to find the best performing slip on for the TC 125 as have been told differently every time, we are running FMF fatty with power core 2.1 and some say fatty with the standard slip on is better for low down power out of corners which we are looking for, any input will be appreciated, thanks

C50_jessy1_1471467436 CarlinoJoeVideo Quote
10/4/2017 11:21 PM

I run the Fatty with shorty on my 2016 KTM125. The shorty gives me more bottom end than the Powercore and OEM silencer.

C50 Dikseun Quote
10/8/2017 12:43 AM

many thanks Carlino, any other mods one can do to get more power out of the 18 TC 125? much appreciated

C50 Dirtdemon Quote
10/8/2017 7:51 AM

Running shoes

C50_jessy1_1471467436 CarlinoJoeVideo Quote
10/8/2017 7:52 AM
Dikseun wrote:

many thanks Carlino, any ...more

I also put a JD jet kit in mine. Runs amazing, I'd recommend that for sure. Ummm, I put a V force reed cage in also because my stock cage was warped. You should check for gaps in the reeds, this will make you chase your tail when jetting if there are any gaps.

C50_136313130_1287336398 nytsmaC Quote
10/8/2017 4:31 PM

Vance & Hines

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