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10/3/2019 3:04 AM

I am going to be getting a set of wheel for my 2005 rm 250, I like the did Stx and a60 wheels because they are stronger but I am wanting gold wheels and they only come in gold with the standard takasgo excel.

My question is what rim is better quality sm pro laced to haan or talon hubs or is the excel gold Takasgo better.

Any info would be appreciated thank you

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10/3/2019 10:18 AM

In my experience the SM pro rims are a little too soft for me, they were getting quite a few flat spots from over jumping or bent flanges from rock strikes. I would stick to the excel takasago.

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10/4/2019 3:21 AM
chasestevenson599 wrote:

In my experience the SM ...more

Thanks for the info! I’ll stick with the excels then

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10/4/2019 4:04 AM

Sm pro. Where do I start. Well the rims themselves aren’t to bad but the hubs!!! My god these are the worst hubs I’ve seen. Who ever has machined these have done a terrible job.

Unfortunately I bought a set and when I got them I was in desperate need of a set to take to red sands.

I’m a cnc machinist so when I seen these hubs I was shocked. I’ve snapped a spoke at least every ride nearly because the hubs are so badly machined the spokes don’t sit correctly.

I’m going to have the hubs replaced with talon or HAAN

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10/4/2019 7:37 PM
Craig_Whitfield wrote:

Sm pro. Where do I start. ...more

I agree on the hubs ! I think I’m going to stay with gold hubs and haan hubs thanks for all the info

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10/4/2019 11:20 PM

What’s wrong with their hubs? Every review I’ve read about them is very good.

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10/5/2019 3:24 PM

Watch out for cracks at the spoke holes in the SM pro rim -I threw both SM pro wheels away as almost every other spoke hole had a crack.

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10/6/2019 5:13 AM
WEAL wrote:

Watch out for cracks at ...more

I went out and rode yesterday and snapped 3 and got another puncture. I’ve never had any trouble with stock ktm wheels then I got these and every ride a spoke snaps or a few

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10/6/2019 6:43 AM

Did stx,haan hubs, bulldog spokes. Buy them. Be done with it. No problems.

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