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erikk97 erikk97
6/10/2019 3:34 AM

Hey Guys,

I recently picked up a 2019 KTM 250SX. I would like to add some overrev, so my first upgrade would be a new pipe and muffler. Unfortunately I could not find much about the 2019 exhaust systems or any kind of comparisons.

What do I want from the exhaust? More overrev.

What kind of brands did I consider so far?

Pro Circuit. From what I heard, the PC Works Pipe/304 Combo adds some pretty good overrev. Unfortunately the works pipe is not available at my dealer for now, will stick with him because of good race support.

HGS. I liked HGS exhausts in the past, but from my experience they add more mid and not that much overrev. Also

">the muffler looks really heavy and big.

Doma. I know from the previous KTM SXS Exhausts on my 125 that they added the best overrev. Unfortunately I could not even find a picture of the 2019 setup. Hope the muffler is not as big and heavy as the default/HGS option (dropping some weight also matters with the handling).

Do you guys have any experience with the three above? Everything is good here - reports, dynos, tests, experience whatever. I did not consider FMF so far because from my experience FMFs add some good all around power - but I want top end power and overrev, bottom is hard enough imo.

Thanks in advance, really stoked for your experiences.

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AJ565 AJ565
6/10/2019 6:18 AM

The difference between the '18 and the '19 is where the pipe mounts. It should be a safe comparison to look at the '18 dyno numbers. The PC setup with the long silencer made 49 hp. Running u4.4 on a chassis dyno my bike with this setup came just short of 51hp. I'm sure any pipe will be an improvement over stock, the key in any of them is a long silencer.

From MXA test of the combo on a '17

"(3) Performance. Every MXA test rider loved the 2017 KTM 250SX powerband; but, if given the opportunity to tune it to our tastes, we would want more top-end power and some added over-rev. The stock pipe delivers incredible midrange but falls off quickly after its peak at 8200 rpm where it was making 47.30 horsepower. With the Pro Circuit Works pipe installed, peak is moved to 49.60 horsepower at 8300 rpm. That is a 2.2-horsepower gain at peak, but most important, the pipe didn’t fall off as quickly after peak as the stocker. The Pro Circuit pipe made the same power as the stock pipe from 5000 rpm all the way to 7200, then the Pro Circuit pipe made 1 horse more at 7500 rpm, 1.6 more at 8000 rpm and 4 horses more at 9000 rpm. Best of all, it kept all the good traits of the KTM 250SX and just added more power after 7200 rpm."

2018 KTM 250sx
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r18b r18b
6/10/2019 7:03 AM

PPS exhaust.. that's the pipe what mike kras runs in the emx250.



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MadsDausel MadsDausel
6/10/2019 8:31 AM

Ecomax is running HGS now. But pps is the Best pipe I try on my 17

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erikk97 erikk97
6/10/2019 8:34 AM
r18b wrote:

PPS exhaust.. that's the ...more

Looks cool, but out of my budget. But sick looks for sure!

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erikk97 erikk97
6/10/2019 8:35 AM
MadsDausel wrote:

Ecomax is running HGS now. ...more

Any info on the HGS performance so far? From what I have seen they look big and heavy compared to the Doma/PC setups, but maybe thats just an illusion.

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6/10/2019 9:04 AM

pc pipe and silencer made no difference for me. doesn't rev anywhere near how my yz250 revs out. its like the 250sx is a 350cc in terms of how it revs.

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r18b r18b
6/10/2019 9:18 AM

Kinda strange from ecomax. Selling the full package( vhm head, piston, needles, pps) for there fuel and there team is running hgs.

Wel hgs and pps working together so it's the same.

That pps combo is 450 or 500 euro

A dpr is 225.

A hgs pipe is 300 euro with a silencer brings it up to 450. Never heard anything bad about hgs.

But what i do know is that a pc silencer from a sx250 '18 feels twice as heavy as my pc silencer from a cr250. That was kinda strange always thought they would have the same weight.

Ow well you will find the right one for the bike.

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erikk97 erikk97
6/10/2019 9:26 AM
r18b wrote:

Kinda strange from ecomax. ...more

Well, I think it fits because VHM is also the distributor for HGS in Europe, guess the same goes for the states then.

I previously had a HGS and a Doma system on my '17 150SX before upgrading to the 250SX. The HGS was pretty good overall, no doubts, but I felt the Doma fitted the 125/150 engines better. All the power gains were made in the top, but significantly more overrev than HGS/stock. Meant less shifting and faster times in sections were shifting was not viable.

If they behave similiar on the 250SX, I would definitely like to run the Doma to make gear changes and acceleration a little bit smoother. The super fast drop off after the peak (with stock) doesn't feel perfect to me.

For the weight difference between your CR250/SX250 silencers there is probably one explanation: FIM has a 94db rule for most competitions, I guess the SX250 engine would scream louder with the same amount of wool inside and thats why they made it a little bit bigger.

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chump6784 chump6784
6/11/2019 2:19 PM

Dep makes a good pipe for the carpet 19 250sx, there is a thread on thumpertalk about it but their site is down at the moment. I managed to get the dyno graph from that thread though. Photo
Here is a video on it as well. &t=183s&app=desktop">

If you search on here there are some threads where one member worth a 17 250sx has the hgs pipe and preferred it to the pc. You could also try to find this silencer, it is on hgs Facebook page Photo

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erikk97 erikk97
6/15/2019 3:17 AM

sorry for the long break, but I finally decided on the exhaust I'd take - got a fresh JVS system (its a company by Doma, same fit, form and function). Cone pipe and aluminum silencer, looks really fresh (will post a picture later).

I'll take it to the track today to tell you guys how it performs.

So far I've upped the main jet from 450 to 460, no other changes yet as the Carb was pretty spot on from the factory (98 octane pump station).

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erikk97 erikk97
6/15/2019 3:19 AM
chump6784 wrote:

Dep makes a good pipe for ...more

Thanks for the cool input, but are they sure about the dyno? A 250SX 2019 being at just 40HP stock seems a little bit low to me.

The HGS silencer looks awesome, but I am unfortunately not a big fan of carbon silencers - they break easily and cost too much in my opinion. If I had indefinite budget though - any day.

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erikk97 erikk97
6/15/2019 3:34 AM

There you go, the look is dope imo. If they pull as good as the Doma 125SX exhausts I am in love. Photo

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ron36 ron36
7/12/2019 1:44 AM

How do you like the JSV exhaust?
I now have a hgs on my 2019. But want to try something else like that. Preferably with more power in the lower revs and yet more overrev than original exhaust. In my opinion, the hgs is lacking at the bottom. I was thinking off a DEP or procircuit to try.

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erikk97 erikk97
7/12/2019 5:35 AM
ron36 wrote:

How do you like the JSV ...more

The JSV is great, but it adds almost everything at the top as I wanted it. But they have another version with a shorter muffler.

Your result should be achievable by simply changing your muffler to a shorty for more bottom smile

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