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7/3/2017 5:11 PM

A while ago I picked up an '01 KTM Duke. Yeah, I know, not a moto bike but it uses the LC-4 motor
and I know some of you seem to have worked on EVERYTHING out there.

Anyway, it came in boxes and piecing it back together like a puzzle. These two bolts have me stumped. They look specialized and internal but I have the motor together, clucth cover on, up to the valve cover on and about to
but the ignition and cover on. I cannot figure out where they go. I've been following the manual and am pretty sure I'm doing everything right. Does anyone recognize them? It's also entirely possible they don't go with the bike because like I say, I picked the bike up in boxes so they might be strays that just got in there. But I'd hate for something to come flying off inside the bike later!! :D :D Photo




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omalley omalley
7/5/2017 7:25 AM

They look like something that would attach and locate another part, like a plate of some sort.
Just thinking out loud (no specific LC4 knowledge:
-bearing retainer
-cam chain tensioner/guide

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7/5/2017 8:31 PM
omalley wrote:

They look like something ...more

Actually, you are exactly right. Finally just figured it out today after much head scratching and image searching.
These two center the flywheel onto the starter clutch. What was throwing me off is that there are only two of
these bolts so I was looking for something that just used two bolts. The LC4 uses six bolts total in this area- these two and then the other four are more standard allen head bolts.


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