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C50_thca0u0nkk_1388583665 DJS721 Quote
10/6/2017 7:33 AM

Not really a super technical post, but maybe helpful to RM-Z450 owners

If you are looking for a low cost skid plate that bolts onto the frame without clamps, try the RM-X450Z skid plate. I bought mine from Babbitt's part number 42511-02J00. This is a lightweight plastic plate, good for moto or woods. The OEM part costs less than $30, maybe slightly more if you buy all the hardware (bolts and hat washers). All of the mounting holes line up perfectly, you only do not have the farthest rear mount on the RM-Z frame, but the three mount holes will keep it in place.

I prefer skid plates that do not bolt stiff to the frame, and have not been a big fan of the clamps that crimp your frame. This was a good, inexpensive alternative - sorry for the bad pics

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