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Matthew_Emmett Matthew_Emmett
1/14/2020 5:05 PM

Hey so I have a 2002 Honda cr125 it ran great I took it apart to freshen everything up didn’t touch the motor though. Put it back together and it ran away on me and when I went to hit the kill switch I got electrocuted. The bike eventually shut off from me turning the gas off and shifting through the gears. What could cause this and how can I test instead of buying a bunch of parts just to test it out? Any advice is greatly appreciated thanks.

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Paul_Pitzonka Paul_Pitzonka
1/14/2020 6:11 PM

What all did you remove and replace? 2 stroke runaways are Normally caused by a lean condition, (majority of the time it’s due to a large air leak)... I’d be concerned about possible damage to your piston...

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Paw Paw 271 Paw Paw 271
1/14/2020 6:35 PM

If the bike set for a long period of time with fuel in the carb while the work was being done, then I would look at a clogged pilot jet. Could also be a hanging throttle cable or sticking carb slide.

Paw Paw

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mwssquad827 mwssquad827
1/14/2020 8:59 PM

It’s a air leak... check for leaks around the reed cage or motor side of the carb...

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1/15/2020 1:20 AM

Throttle goes all the way down? You have play in the cable?

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charlie68 charlie68
1/15/2020 8:32 AM

Im with Paw Paw, throttle cable binding, does the slide snap back after twisting the throttle?

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Tumblin Tumblin
1/21/2020 8:22 AM

On a snow ride my back in '74 my CZ400 throttle stuck pinned. After trying the kill button, I put her in 4th and jumped on it only to gave the beast launch out from underneath me up the side embankment and fortunately back at me so I could round heal kick it to a rest before it launched into the abyss of the cut block below.
I ripped the plug wire from her jugular only to have the bitch still scream! Finally I shut off the fuel and turned away so not to see the horror play out before me.
Ice packed around a ventricular intake stays very cold.

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Jeremy_Brown Jeremy_Brown
1/22/2020 2:02 AM
Tumblin wrote:

On a snow ride my back in ...more

Omg these are horror stories lmao

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Jeremy_Brown Jeremy_Brown
1/22/2020 2:06 AM

Omg that’s fuking horrible

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wwdiii wwdiii
1/23/2020 4:50 AM

I was thinking about stuck throttles from back in my youth, which was a long time back. I'd guess it was 1973,74 can't remember. Was racing on a track I'd never been to before in Lawton Oklahoma. Was running second and ended up second, some guy on a Yamaha was fast was out front. He as fast between corners, I was faster through the corners. I could never catch him.

Got to the finishline and when I lef off the throttle my trusty CZ just kept going, throttle was stuck about 3/4 open. I ran through the crowd and almost to the parking lot. Only thing saved me was those plastic flags they had strung out to mark the track. I must have had a 50 yards worth of flagging around my sproket. slowed me down enough when I went down didn't hit to hard and throttle unstuck. People were running all over the place it was crazy. Shit happens when you race enough

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Pgd09yz450 Pgd09yz450
1/24/2020 7:07 AM

I actually laughed out loud when i read you claimed to be electrocuted from the kill switch... relax maby you got shocked alittle

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Bent206 Bent206
1/24/2020 11:39 AM

I had a run away situation on a recent build. Luckily I was able to pull the clutch in and kill the motor. It wasn't as bad as the horror stories I've read. I did learn a valuable lesson though. Always check the intake boot on 25+ year old bike. I cleaned the Rad Valve intake boot on this 1992 KX250. I never noticed the cracks in it because of the clamp design. You can see easily see the problem with it flexed. New on top....old below. PhotoPhoto

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