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C50 pastmyprime214 Quote
8/12/2017 12:07 AM

I had an awesome thing happen today. As I was putting the subframe on to the frame, the bolt on the shifter side completely pulled out the threads. Now I can't torque it down to spec and not sure what to do. Researched putting in a time sert but they're expensive as hell.

Anyone have any other ideas that I can use to repair this?
C50_img_3549_1505848385 Dusin791 Quote
8/12/2017 1:01 AM

Re tap it

C50 Acidreamer Quote
8/12/2017 5:10 AM

Re tap for a bigger bolt or use a nut on the other side.

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C50_101843880_1252836745 skypig Quote
8/15/2017 12:36 AM

I used a timesert to fix a vintage Suzuki RM fork. Worked great, but I had to buy a kit, then another packet of the longer inserts. $$$. Still the cheapest and best fix for that situation.

What about a helicoil?
Cheap kits on eBay.

Research indicates Helicoils are actually stronger than both, the original threads in alloy, and timeserts. But timeserts are designed to be better for things which come apart regularly, like sump plugs.

C50_img_2738_1509756195 Slosh 112 Quote
8/15/2017 1:28 AM

Use a helicoil or recoil kit.

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