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yeroc281 yeroc281
1/25/2019 6:34 AM

In the market for and ez up, never bought one always wanted one. What are the best/worse, experience/advise and best size? Thanks in advance.

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swtwtwtw swtwtwtw
1/25/2019 6:46 PM

I just got the ez up Pyramid. Wow, I can set up and tear down by myself. A nail stake in each corner and good to go. Bought new from a racer who distributes them, black $150 10x10

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chooch08 chooch08
4/29/2019 7:27 PM

Nothing beats "Impact Canopy" for durability. I've lost 2 cheaper ones at the track on the first day of use. Impact has a very beefy leg that's kind of a hexagon shape. Hope that helps.

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Slaughter612s Slaughter612s
6/7/2019 6:30 AM

+1 on the EZ Pyramid. Good addition to the pit setup.Cheers

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MaxPower MaxPower
6/9/2019 9:46 AM

Best advice is to stake that Son of a a gun into the dirt. I know a guy once that didn't and he ruined his new EZ up
I kinda think it's better to go with a cheapie. They get hammered transporting them every weekend and get dirty from track dust. Every couple years get a new one

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dmm698 dmm698
6/20/2019 8:05 AM

Find your local harbor freight. Hand then 50 dollars. Return to harbor freight and buy another when the time comes. They will all fall apart, bend, break, from wind, regardless. I'm on my second one, over a 3 or 4 year period. The failure was totally my fault on the first one, forgot to stake it down and the wind took it and cart wheeled it over and over when it was 3 years old or so.

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mwssquad827 mwssquad827
1/15/2020 5:25 PM
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mwssquad827 mwssquad827
1/15/2020 5:26 PM

Dicks sporting goods!! $48 summer sale and I have had the same cheapo 10x10 for 4 years and it gets used 10-15 times a year..

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face biter face biter
2/18/2020 10:47 AM
mwssquad827 wrote:

Dicks sporting goods!! $48 ...more

I bought a 10x10 from Academy last summer for about the same price and it has been great, probably the same item with a different tag!

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martin12 martin12
7/9/2020 3:45 PM

I've got an eighty dollar Ozark Trail canopy that has been flawless for the last few years. Take it everywhere and can set it up solo...
I usually ride once or twice a week, maybe less in the winter if the weather is bad and it gets set up every single time I ride. Wouldn't leave home without it.

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mxracer666 mxracer666
7/13/2020 6:21 PM

If you're only using it 10-15 times a year, go with the cheapo. (Costco has a great one for $200) Also I feel that there is nothing "EZ" about the EZ-Up, if you're trying to put it up yourself. With 2 people, no problem...

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LKHill LKHill
11/12/2020 5:12 AM

I have no problem setting/taking down my EZ-UP by myself! Is it cheaper to buy 10 $50 units? Maybe. Buy once, cry once. I did replace the canvas after about 10+ years.

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11/17/2020 8:00 PM

They don’t all fall apart, but the good ones are pricey. We use Impact Canopies in 10x10, 10x15 and 10x20. They travel coast to coast and are put up and taken down weekly in every kind of weather you could find. Little parts fall off or break over time, meaning years but are cheap and easy to get online. The frames will last forever if you don’t let it blow away and get mangled.

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Caffeine & Gasoline Caffeine & Gasoline
12/10/2020 9:29 AM

Friend of mine is switching sponsors and I’m buying his old tent off him. Anyone know where I can buy just a new canvas?

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