Aaron Plessinger Undergoes Surgery on Heel 3

Aaron Plessinger Undergoes Surgery on Heel

Vital's Take: Aaron Plessinger announced on his Instagram today that he has already had surgery on his heel following his crash at Daytona, and that things are looking good. He'll start therapy next week. 

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GD2 3/14/2019 3:38 PM

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I fractured my heel 4 years ago, no surgery was needed. I still feel slight heel/ankle pain from it almost on the daily and it hurts on hard landings. Best of luck Aaron.

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I have broken my heel as well, crashed out of a race. Because AP required surgery I would guess that his heel bone fracture included displacement of the bone fragments. Mine was not displaced much, no surgery required, and I was riding again in about eight weeks. Wish Aaron all the luck with recovery.

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