Justin Barcia to Compete at 2017 Monster Energy Cup aboard Privateer Honda 15

Justin Barcia has announced his plans for the 2017 Monster Energy Cup, where he'll be riding a Honda under his own privateer effort.

Justin Barcia to Compete at 2017 Monster Energy Cup aboard Privateer Honda

Vital MX: Justin Barcia has updated us with his plans for the 2017 Monster Cup and although he's working on some options for the 2018 season, he wants to line up at Monster Cup no matter what. Which means he'll be going back to his roots aboard a Honda CRF450R with some help from a few different individuals and brands in this privateer effort. Look below for Justin's own words and who's involved.

Update from Justin Barcia:

Hello Everyone,

Well I have an option or two that I will be looking into for 2018, but for now I am extremely excited to announce my plans for the Monster Energy Cup.

On October 14th I will be riding a privateer Honda. Details are still getting worked out, but so far I am excited and wanted to share the news with the Moto community. I am extremely appreciative and grateful for all the support that is going into this project and I could not do it without these awesome companies & people:

  • Alpinestars
  • Scott
  • Arai
  • Monster Energy
  • Morgantown Powersports for supplying practice bikes
  • Levi Kilbarger/BONZI
  • Tim Bennet
  • TCD Racing for building & prepping the race bike
  • Twisted Development Motors
  • Yoshimura
  • Brian Fleck at Dunlop
  • Feld Motorsports
  • The Home Team of Mom & Dad, Amber & Dr. Steve Navarro for all the hard work, phone calls and behind the scenes hustle.

See ya'll soon,


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ML512 ML512 9/16/2017 2:54 PM

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Every one always posts what some one has done wrong. So I am hear to say no matter what you think of Justin's riding style on the track he is a amazing person. My son was at mtf justuan talked to my son out of the blue. Made time to talk with him and have a conversation and talked with him like they had known each other for some time .
What a stand up person . If you are not earning a living on a bike on the track as he is tough to judge a person . Best of luck to you see u at the cup

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I don't recall posting anything about someone doing something wrong. I have no doubts that your son had a great time talking with Justin, who doesn't seem to be a self absorbed person. I've had a similar experience with my son involving Jeremy McGrath in his prime and my son was only 4yrs old and already racing. My son got away from my wife and ducked through the lines of fans and walked up on the stage with Team Honda at an autograph signing, stood beside MC talking about both wearing Alpine Stars boots. Because of the crowd, we couldn't get to my son with repeated calling of his name got MC's but not my son's attention. MC tolod us not to worry because my son was not being a bother but was actually fun to talk to as MC and other team members were getting a laugh at things my 4 yr old son said to them. So, I got to see this and other examples of people not acting as expected in several circumstances. I would like to ask that you read all comments before making statements like "everyone always posts what someone has done wrong" because in your statement is slightly incorrect. This isn't a taunt towards you for an internet spat but a simple request that before you make comments about what "some" people write, make sure you're not opening yourself up to being corrected yourself and making yourself look bad.

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Never ever liked the poor sport! He cant pass anyone with pulling some dirty move out of his bag of bad passing stunts. UNlike GOOD clean riders that dont need too pull that kind of kind of stuff. I sure wouldnt want him on the brand I sell!

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I know it was a long long long time ago but ever since he went over and spun a roost on some downed lapper that got in his way and roosted the Astertrik Medical team Ive liked other riders more than him. Although a great rider and always fun to watch Glad he is still out there trying unlike Dungey and Carmichael .

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Interesting but his comments about "want to be of" every bike cause he needs a new one. Is it time to prove himself and stay upright. So many highs and lows. RMAR is the only place right now?

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The new Honda is 1 BADASS machine , I love mine, I can only imagine how Mr Barcia will go on it!!! Best Of Luck!!!!

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Does anyone know if Honda is helping him buy one of their bikes or is he choosing it entirely on his own decision even without support from Honda?

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I've been waiting for Barcia to be back on Hondas. He's not been the same rider since he left this brand.

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Privateering it for Monster Cup but says he's got an option or two going into 2018. Anyone have more info on that? MCR Honda SX only? MXGP's?

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