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On Track is launching a new program this fall that will bring distant learning to an all-new dimension of education for the motocross athlete. While On Track has provided custom learning solutions through the use of several accredited programs as well as the On Track Private School over the last 8 years, the new On Track Virtual Academy is Andrea Leib’s program of choice.

Andrea Leib, Director and founder of On Track, with a Master’s Degree in Education and over 25 years experience in the field, has continued to be successful by providing educational options for the athlete on the go. She believes that there are no excuses for putting an education on the back burner and has come up with solutions that can fit the lifestyle and demands of our sport.

The On Track Virtual Academy provides students with a blend of text and computer based curriculum that is state of the art. Andrea has partnered with the nations #1 curriculum company, K-12, and feels that all of her students will be able to learn while enjoying the process since the focus is based on “the big idea” concept. Andrea has met with managers of the company and has been given the flexibility to customize her own accredited school based on her positive track record.

Students will log on to our online school and see a clear picture of their courses, materials, progress, and expectations. The virtual classroom is an amazing tool since it provides the student with a live teacher and an avenue to view demonstrations and weekly meetings. This platform gives parents an inside line to their student’s results and individual needs. In order to further ensure student success, On Track incorporates a Team Contract where the student, the Home Coach, and the Learning Coach sign an agreement, which forms a bond of understanding between all participants.

The On Track Virtual Academy has also filed for non-profit status with the prospect of attaining grants that will provide further resources to students and families. By the 2009-2010 school year, On Track hopes to be a California charter school, one of the first of many national On Track centers for learning!

With the support of MX Sports, Andrea will be at Loretta’s this year on vendor row with free DVD’s of her new program. There, parents and students will have an opportunity to view a power point presentation, view the website and test-drive the new curriculum. Andrea will also be judging the MX Sports Essay contest and presenting the winner with a free educational scholarship!

See you at Loretta Lynn’s for more Back to School information.

Andrea Leib

28976 Bay Pointe Court
Menifee, Ca 92584
951-301-9881 home office
951-301-9993 fax
909-374-8851 cell


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