Zeta Rear Brake Clevis

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Product Zeta Rear Brake Clevis
Mount Type
Miscellaneous Clevis body is made of A7009-T6 aluminum Designed to provide better control of the rear brake The highly rigid and light weight design Comes with a specially designed stainless steel pin Available in red and blue anodized colors Fits vehicles:2012 HONDA CRF 450R;2008 HONDA CRF 450R;2008 HONDA CRF 250X;2008 HONDA CRF 250R;2008 HONDA CRF 150R;2007 HONDA CRF 450X;2007 HONDA CRF 150R;2007 HONDA CRF 250X;2008 HONDA CRF 450X;2007 HONDA CR 250R;2007 HONDA CR 125R;2009 HONDA CRF 150R;2009 HONDA CRF 250R;2009 HONDA CRF 250X;2009 HONDA CRF 450R;2009 HONDA CRF 450X;2010 HONDA CRF 250R;2010 HONDA CRF 450R;2011 HONDA CRF 250R;2011 HONDA CRF 450R;2012 HONDA CRF 250R;2007 HONDA CRF 250R;2012 HONDA CRF 150R;2004 HONDA CR 125R;2007 HONDA CRF 450R;2006 HONDA CRF 450X;2002 HONDA CR 125R2;2002 HONDA CR 250R2;2002 HONDA CRF 450R2;2003 HONDA CR 125R3;2003 HONDA CRF 450R3;2004 HONDA CR 250R;2004 HONDA CRF 250R;2004 HONDA CRF 250X;2004 HONDA CRF 450R;2006 HONDA CRF 250R;2003 HONDA CR 250R3;2006 HONDA CRF 250X;2005 HONDA CR 125R;2006 HONDA CR 250R;2006 HONDA CR 125R;2005 HONDA CRF 450X;2005 HONDA CRF 450R;2005 HONDA CRF 250X;2005 HONDA CRF 250R;2005 HONDA CR 250R;2006 HONDA CRF 450R;
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