Fasst Company Oversized Flexx Handlebars

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Game changers

Game changers
The Good:

Took already good AER suspension and ironed out all the little bumps while improving botteming feel.

Noticeable smoother ride, less blistering, immensely better on slap downs and hacked out square edges and for off road it makes the front calmer on flat/off camber turns with lots of rocks.

I can’t tell they’re heavier while riding either.

Literally no regrets at all and I doubt I’ll race without these bars ever again.

The Bad:

Cost, but if you think your suspension is already pretty good I would pass on a revalve and get these instead.

Only other challenge is if you run a ton of things mounted onto your bars. The “moto” bends don’t have as much bar room as stock if you are going to mount GPS, etc, but it hasn’t been an issue for me.

Overall Review:

One of the best purchases I’ve made for any dirt bike. Like them for MX and love them for off road. 

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Product Fasst Company Oversized Flexx Handlebars
Type 1⅛
Construction Aluminum and rubber construction.
Price $359.99
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