Gorilla ATV Gorilla Radiator Relocation Kit

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Product Gorilla ATV Gorilla Radiator Relocation Kit
Miscellaneous This combination relocation kit/shroud is the newest design from Gorilla Axle and here's the bare truth...Why buy a whole new radiator? The OEM radiator is designed to work in the harshest of conditions. Fact is...if you cover ANY radiator with mud...it's gonna clog! By relocating the stock radiator to the front rack, you will keep your engine just as cool as the OEMs say it should be. If it DOES get muddy, this shroud will allow for easy cleaning and rinsing.The Gorilla Scientists factored in the perfect mounting angle to deflect debris and limbs and have custom cut the Gorilla Face Logo in each shroud so the competition knows who's coming!The Gorilla Radiator Relocation Shroud is made of 3/16 Plated Steel and is precision cut to fit your application. These kits are not sold as pieces and should be used in combination with one another to achieve the best results possible.Complete kits include Relocation Kit, Replacement Hose, Mounting Hardware, and Shroud.
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