Kawasaki OEM Parts Kawasaki Genuine Accessories Camshaft Sprocket

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Product Kawasaki OEM Parts Kawasaki Genuine Accessories Camshaft Sprocket
Miscellaneous 32T Racing Cam Sprocket. Sold individually. Note: Be sure to use Camshaft Sprocket and tappet kit as a set.Note: If you cannot adjust the valve timing for racing, install the camshaft sprocket to the camshaft using the round bolt holes and adjust the cam chain timing according to the Service Manual. If you are allowed adjust the valve timing, install the sprocket to the camshaft between the adjustable range of the long bolt holes.Note: When using the sprocket long bolt holes and adjusting the valve timing to be different from the standard timing, check the valve to piston clearance of all cylinders after adjusting the valve clearance correctly.Note: Tighten the camshaft sprocket bolts to 15 Nm (1.5 kgf/m, 11 ft/lb) of torque.
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