Austin Forkner Ironman Video: I told myself I wasn't going to look back the whole moto... 5

Austin Forkner got another moto win, his first overall, and his fifth podium of the season at Ironman Raceway. Not bad for a rookie 250 season.

Credit: GuyB

GuyB GuyB 8/28/2016 10:22 AM

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How about have more than one freaking microphone,or at least one near the press so you can actually hear the questions being asked! So i dont need to max my volume out to hear whispers then get my eardrums blown out when the rider speaks.

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It may amaze you to know that there's actually a microphone for the press, as well. smile

I started using the OSMO to record press conferences this year. Can we do a better job with audio? Yes. We'll work on that. smile

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