Countdown to 2011: Kyle Regal 11

Kyle Regal has moved from spending the summer as a privateer, to joining up with the San Manuel / Yamaha gang for the 2011 season. Could he be the 2011 dark horse surprise?

Credit: GuyB

GuyB 12/27/2010 9:34 AM

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he was fast on a privateer team with ok bikes and training. Now watch him fly with a real team.

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Kyle will give this sport a new perspective in 2011,,in and outdoors.
Mock my words.
Youve got to love the underdog.
The only "bad"part of this deal is he has to look for his teammates interests before his own.

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i dont know where to place him

at first he looked kinda slow but then he looked really really fast through the whoops and possibly deceptively fast. Almost looks like he could run with Brayton and Short

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Thanks GB,.....I knew you would get the interview before A1. He WILL be a HUGE surprise @ A1.

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