First Look: 661 Guardian 3

This prototype item attracted lots of attention at the recent Indy Dealer Show. Big E demos...

Credit: GuyB

GuyB GuyB 3/6/2008 12:59 AM

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I love that guy! I don't mean that in some sort of weird mushy way, I mean it in more of a two guys out on a rugged camping trip sort of way, you know real manly like. Ok it sound weird either way, but I love you man!

For reals though!

Sick product, hopefully a popular trend to get people wearing chest protectors again. I have been noticing alot of guys ditching their chest protectors after buying some of these un-named neck devices currently available on the market, for fitment issues! Not cool! Dispercement of impact should be a no brainer. Like I said, heres hoping this product starts a new direction for the future of neck, and chest protection!

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