Interview: L&M Racing's Larry Brooks 3

Larry talks about signing James Stewart, plans for '09, the new SX rules, and more.

Credit: GuyB

GuyB GuyB 10/3/2008 10:59 PM

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Wow typ2-----, sounds like some bad blood or is just ignorant jealousy? I've known of, ( not personally ), Larry on and off the track since the mid 80's, ( I will add, as a pro mxer, only a good rider at best ). However, I only W-I-S-H that I could've had the entrepreneurialism and fortitude that it must have taken for him to get from his beginnings to owner of L&M Racing and acquiring the most sought after mxer on the planet !!! ( Not to offend any one ), but I don't believe Larry exactly fits on the receivers end of SPREADING THE WEALTH.

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