James Stewart Interview: What happened at Hangtown? 20

James Stewart had a rough start to the 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship at Hangtown. Get the scoop on what happened, future plans, a peek inside his private life, family, and more.

Credit: GuyB

GuyB GuyB 5/25/2016 3:49 PM

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If JS7 is not the best actor ever-ever, Then all is in here, all the answers and questions one has. James tells us, and I wont ever say he is not honest here. Makes all sense.

How awesome.

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James and Family have always been a class act.

Congrats to Malcolm and best luck to James in his future.

....BTW, they are good people because of their parents and they are awesome.

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He's delusional if he thinks the saying "you're only as good as your last race" isn't true. In his case he hasn't been good in over 2 yrs. It seems like he's one of those athletes that can't accept the fact that he's not a contender any longer. His mishaps aren't a dark clouds or bad luck... it's father time and lack of training.

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James, Thanks for all the best entertainment since I first seen you in ET NJ on a 60 doing big doubles no troubles.

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I love JS7. He might finish last place a season and suck. But to discredit him. And judge him. He is a human. And people bug him. James Stewart? Who can ask him to RETIRE? My he do the best with his choices.

What the F. can we Demand from a career like that? At least support a guy struggling like hell? Be grateful for the mark he made?
Yeah- that is what one should do.

Be ok JS.

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I was not drunk if that is implied, but I am kind of sick on how hard the community went on judging what an individual racing MX/SX "should" be doing. Like being smart in retrospect is even an option.

I do not know if it is bad judgement or actual bad times and a deep field he is getting back to, that we see.

I just feel that, Either way, it is his choice. To disregard James Stewart. Even after being hurt over and over, and say "HE should Xxxx" is so easy and predictable since you sit with the outcome. I do support the best riders I seen, I can not see how anyone can be judging and discredit this racer. Doing so is proof of not knowing your sport. In my honest opinion. Cheers.

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"People , your as good as your last race...I don't believe that. I think Your as good as you think you are so"

Vital Members have been saying that for years now. we're as good as we think we are DAMMIT! you heard the BOSS!
On that note I know I'm washed up over the hill bet DAMMIT! I was good!!..w00t laughing tongue wink

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"I have a Kid on the way" Sounds like there's one needing to twist a throttle right now
Dude is one of the best and I'm sure he will be very successful in whatever he decides to do after racing.

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I don't buy the excuse of the injury overseas and parts showing up late for not being in shape and ready at A1.

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He's a good dude, and made his mark in Pro MX, but that time has passed. He has nothing to prove. He should stop before he dies. Simple as that. He's not what he used to be. Loveya dude, but time has passed.

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Wish I had his talent... There's nothing else to prove JS... You did it all and took all the risk. Still love to see you out there...

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