Justin Cooper: "Getting my first win, that'd be nice..." 3

We chatted with Justin Cooper while he was awaiting a decision on the final results of Saturday's 250 action. He may still be waiting for his first overall, but he's inching closer.

Credit: GuyB

GuyB 6/2/2019 8:21 AM

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who knew this kid was such a whiner. he got beat straight up, just like last weekend and the weekend before and heโ€™s talking about the red plate, smh. His podium speech was absolutely cringeworthy too. Very disappointing

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This is the second interview I've hard him say 'get the red plate'. He came in 6 points down and they both scored 47 points today. Is he seriously hoping they'd dock him multiple positions and points for a racing incident? Like others have said in other forums, AC followed the rules and entered the track and the next safest spot. If the AMA and MX Sports want something to be black and white, they need to make a black and white rule. They also need to either stop lining the tracks with banners or put breaks every so often for riders to enter without having to go over them.

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He Cut the Track had nothing to do with you being 1st Loser....Remember Adam is Baby Jesus...๐Ÿ™

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