Marvin Musquin: Atlanta Video - "There were blue flags everywhere, I revved my bike to tell him I'm here" 3

Check in with Marvin Musquin, right after a very emotional race in Atlanta where he led the premier class until the very end. Marvin talks about the surprise of leading Ryan Dungey and his thoughts on James Stewart's involvement with the defining moment of the race, in which he lost the lead.

Credit: ML512

ML512 ML512 2/27/2016 9:30 PM

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Marvin rode an awesome race, no doubt. It looked like he had Ryan covered, but we'll never know. For a guy like Stewart, who has had to deal with lappers his whole career, to ignore the blue flags and cost Marvin the win, was really weak. I'm sure he could care less, but Stew has just lost a fan. I've pulled for him for years, but that was B.S! Come on James. In Motocross years, you are like a thousand! Time to say goodnight.

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