Onboard: Weston Peick - Suzuki Supercross Test Track 7

Take a ride with JGR's Weston Peick as he puts in his winter training laps out at Suzuki's private Supercross test track in Southern California.

Credit: Michael Lindsay

ML512 ML512 12/1/2017 7:14 AM

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I was thinking it had to be either where he needs to get off the brakes or on the gas.
Thanks ML512

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No wonder we see nose to tail racing all the time...it's how they practice one, one line. Have some of the stand around guys put a bale out in the line to switch it up every couple of laps. Or get a few more riders out there too. You'd have to get complacent riding the same line everyday,

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In this case, Weston was doing two lap sprints, so switching up the sections wouldn't be a part of the program. But at those test tracks, yes, they do switch sections up and commit to doing different lines on some days. Wether they do it mentally or just place a bale to block out certain lines for that day.

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